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Concert Report #2
For this concert report, I will be attending a free concert being held by Salt Lake Community’s Student Life and Leadership department featuring a Country Musical Artist by the name of Joe Nichols. Now, I am in no way a fan on Country music, so I absolutely will acknowledge that I’m going into this with a jaded perspective. However, the fact that I’ve never once heard of this man and that Student Life and Leadership had to start giving out the tickets for free because not enough people were buying them, makes me feel as if my bias is somewhat justified. However, Joe Nichols is good enough to release eight country music albums and have songs listed on the top 40 Country Billboard numerous times. So, there seems to be hope for the concert yet.
Joe Nichols’ songs consists of the same instruments rock music does (Guitars, Drums, Voices), which seems to be a trend in modern Country music. After the concert, I truly realized how doing what everybody else is doing, is probably a bad thing for a musician. Joe Nichols most popular and successful song, “Yeah,” may be so sadly laughable that I actually like it. “Yeah” is a stereotypical love song set to a moderato tempo. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I noticed that I found the song catchy rather quickly, although I truly abhorred the lyrics. This may be because Joe Nichols’ says “yeah” more times than T-Pain says “booty.” Jokes aside, he actually does say the phrase “yeah” 47 times in under four minutes, truly a prodigious showmanship of his ability to write poetic lyrics. It’s...

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