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Attention Defecit Disorder Essay

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Attention Defecit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder, also called ADD, is defined as 'a disorder primarily a characteristic of childhood, marked by a consistent problem in paying attention,' in the book, The Lifespan by Guy R. Lefrancois (1999). It is more common among boys than girls but can effect all ages. Focusing on children between the ages of five thru ten, it is estimated that three to five percent, which is 1.35 - 2.25 million, of all children are living with ADD. When accompanied by serious hyperactivity, ADD is labeled as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. This disorder makes it very challenging for educators to deal with. Understanding the characteristics of this disorder, how to treat the disorder thru medicine, and how to teach a child with this disorder, will make it better for children and educators inside and out of the classroom.

In the article, Teaching Children with Attention Deficit Disorder, it is said that there are two kinds of ADD; regular ADD and ADHD. To have ADHD, a student must portray at least eight of the symptoms from the following list: 1.) fidget, squirm, or seem restless 2.) difficulty remaining in a seated position 3.) easily distracted 4.) difficulty taking turns 5.) blurts out answers 6.) difficulty following instructions 7.) difficulty sustaing attention 8.) does not complete assignments 9.) difficulty playing quietly

10.) talk excessively 11.) interrupts or intrudes on others 12.) does not listen 13.) loses possessions 14.) frequently engage in dangerous actions. It also says that having ADD means that you have a short attention span, impulse control problems, and extreme hyperactivity. The disease begins in infancy and does not end until adulthood. It has a damaging effect on the victim at home, in the community, and especially at school.

There are many techniques when it comes to effectively teaching a child with ADD. For them to be able to learn and retain information, you must be strategic in all aspects of your teaching and the environment you teach in. This includes everything from they way the classroom is set up to your tone of voice while you are teaching.

The first step you want to take is to place the child that has ADD close to your own desk but do not separate him or her from the rest of the class. The child needs to be surrounded by good, studious peers. They will help to set an example for the child to follow and help him complete and understand his work. Also, they will be able to keep him on task and not let him get too distracted during lessons.

To help the ADD children in your class adapt to having a regular schedule, it makes it easier on you and them to have a daily task list. Having a list taped to the student?s desk creates a routine and ultimately helps the child focus on the work to be done. Eventually, the schedule will become a habit and that is the goal you are aiming for. Nonetheless, they may have a regular agenda, but...

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