Attention Deficit Disorder An Otherness In America Add And How It Makes The People Who Have It Social Outcasts.

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Attention Deficit Disorder an Otherness in AmericaPeople that suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are usually considered to be lazy, stupid, and/or unable to learn. Society looks down on people who suffer moderate to severe levels of ADD (Cooley 1998). Even though Attention Deficit Disorder with (ADHD) or without hyperactivity is defined as an imbalance of the brain's ability to manufacture specific chemicals on demand, societal acceptance that the disorder is a real hard sell to the "normals" (Phelan 1996). The terms different, odd-man-out, weird, out of sync, misfit, lazy, stupid, and did you take your medicine today are only a few of the words and phrases used by adults in charge to describe children and adults suffering from attention deficit disorder (Kelly and Ramundo 1997). People sometimes do things to others who are different that turn out to be mean spirited and hurtful to the recipient (Phelan 1996). These kinds of attacks are usually a result of a lack of understanding of the "otherness" but are still harmful to the individual (Cooley 1998).ADD has certainly been embedded (just not known as ADD all of the time) in western cultures and is evident by the extensive list ofaccomplished individuals who have either been diagnosed or have traitsassociated with ADD, as described in the literature of their time. (, 2002).People lucky enough to make such a notable list of successfulindividuals include Lewis Carol, Walt Disney (fired from a newspaper for not having good ideas), Albert Einstein, (neither spoke until the age of 4 nor read before the age of 7), Thomas A. Edison ( told he was too stupid to learn anything), Abraham Lincoln (entered the Black Hawk Wars as an officer and come out as a private), Sir Isaac Newton (grades in elementary school was a struggle), Louie Pasteur (the Royal College labeled him as mediocre), and F. W. Woolworth (at age 21, he was not allowed to wait on customers because he didn't have enough sense)(, 2002).Just think what the world would have missed with these people not having the courage to go on in spite of what was said to some of them. They allthought outside the box.The diagnosing of ADD sufferers has just come about during the last 20 years (Cooley, 1998). The actual process has had many hurdles to overcome in that some, so called scholarly people, still go as far as to say"college students have elevated the ADHD excuse to an art form. Nobody's dog eats homework anymore, ADHD did it" (Cooley, 1998). Kelly and Ramundo have a chapter in their book, The ADDed Dimension, entitled "The shoulds: Blame, Shame, and Guilt and other UselessEmotions" that describe the attacks on the ADD sufferer that comes from ignorance (Kelly and Ramundo, 1997). People don't have to point out to ADD sufferers that they are different, they know it better than anyone else. They suffer from these, sometimes, crippling emotions every minute of every day along with the subsequent stress accompanying them...

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