Atticus Finch: The Ideal Father, Lawyer And Human Being

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In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch is the ideal hero for many reasons. First, he is the ideal father because of his unique style of parenting that teaches his children various life lessons. Second, he is the ideal lawyer because of his strong moral sense and intricate strategies. Finally, he is the ideal human being because of his calm and forgiving personality. Atticus finch is the ideal hero and a great role model.
Atticus is a superb parent, despite the courteous detachment from his children. Firstly, he treats his children as equals, which is shown very often throughout the novel. “Jack! When a child asks you something, answer him for goodness sake…” (116). Atticus obviously does not want his children to miss out on any knowledge, no matter what that knowledge happens to be. Secondly, Atticus is a wonderful mentor. This is shown when he forces Jem to read to Mrs. Dubose in order for Jem to learn what real courage is. Lastly, Atticus is very understanding, despite his strict nature. This is shown when he tells Scout: “If you concede the necessity of going to school, we’ll go on reading just as we always have.” (41). Atticus is willing to accept the wants of his children as long as they don’t interfere with their education and growth. Atticus grew his children up to be excellent people as they will most likely be as kind and caring as their father.
Atticus is an impressive lawyer with a strong moral sense. First of all, he defends people, despite their race. This is shown when he agrees to defend Tom Robinson even though he is a Negro. Atticus knows he will get a lot of hatred for accepting the case, but he is aware it is the right thing to do. Next, he is very consistent and keeps the same morals when it comes to justice and equality. While defending Tom Robinson in court, he says: “The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any colour of the rainbow…” (205). Atticus is clearly strongly against racism and he keeps this trait throughout the entire book no matter what people thought or said about him. Last of all, Atticus knows how to trap people with questions and to...

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572 words - 2 pages because that is only what Walter has grown up to know about. Lastly, he also talks to Scout like an adult. Multiple times in the book, Atticus uses large words to talk to her. This helps her expand her vocabulary at a young age making Atticus a better role model for the citizens of Maycomb. Atticus talks like a role model and his wisdom also helps him being even a better role model for Maycomb.Atticus has a lot of Wisdom. "When Jem an' I fuss

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983 words - 4 pages “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle,” says the great Martin Luther King Jr. In the book To Kill a MockingBird by Harper Lee we see similar struggle that Dr. King battled. Atticus Finch is the only one in the small town of Maycomb willing to admit an african american might not actually be to blame. It was Atticus and Tom Roberson against Maycomb. Throughout Atticus’ interaction with the

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