Attitude And Perception Of Selected De La Salle Lipa Marketing Students In Networking

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More than 73 years had passed when network marketing was originated and being discovered and has proved by the time being the home-based business opportunities and a successful distribution model. It is now being used by several groups of companies as their way to anyone who aims to have achievements by the future. It is not surprising that network marketing has reputed as the fastest growing industries of all time. It was truly a success and an emerging business and leading to a fast-changing business trends and ventures. And it is expected that this industry can contribute to the significant growth of a country by the future. And this network trend is also being standardized by a wave of ...view middle of the document...

It all means that network marketing is a must need to have a business, to grow a business, to be in the business, and be a success in the business.
Network marketing is needed in the world of business. It is the powerful marketing way to sustain success for any individual or an organization. It is about making connections and building and enduring, mutually beneficial relationships and these relationships are the catalyst to your success and also to the success of the others on business. People do business with those they like and trust. It serves as a resource to help others succeed (Small, n.d).
Networks are important because it helps to strengthen and support your business. For instances, it will help increase your sales through referrals; it will guide you to learn things that you need to know to manage and grow your business; it will help you find people that you can buy goods and services from; and it can help you stimulate your creativity about new things or approaches for your business (smetoolkit org, n.d.).
Networking is critical in any business; however, in the network marketing industry, networking is a long-term investment. Whether you are approaching a person as a business partner or as a customer for your network marketing business, always remember that people want to feel that you respect them for the person they are, that you care about them and that you are not just interested in recruiting them, and people want to establish a connection with someone they feel they can trust and lead them to success in network marketing (Nester, 2007).
De La Salle Lipa Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Marketing Management community became our major area of research. Some people say that having the guts in talking to people is a must for students taking Marketing major. Due to that, we come up on making it a topic...

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