Perspective Of Jesus Christ During The Last Supper.

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My Last SupperIt would be accurate to say that I am scared. I do not understand what was happening to me. I have known this time would come; however I misjudged my own acceptance of my fate. I feel a mix of anger, confusion, hesitation, and perhaps most of all, bewilderment. Things have evolved so fast I rarely have time to contemplate these thoughts and feelings. I am afraid to think such horrible thoughts for fear I will let Him down.It was close to nightfall. I knew that my time was dwindling and that I must face my friends. My mind raced with ideas on how to tell them without casting doubt on their fate or causing ill feelings. Though I had never had trouble transforming my thoughts into actions that communicated to these men, I was apprehensive about the task at hand this evening. While these men had given up everything to be with me, few, if any of them, understood what I was required of me. For how could these men understand this if I am unable to comprehend it myself? These men will feel double-crossed; they will doubt all I have said and all they have heard. Already one of them has displayed his true colors to me! I must trust that faith will prevail and that my followers will come to see what I see. I cannot see into the eyes of their souls. Their words have said they will love me forever, but it will be their actions that will tell me if they are truly honest.During supper that evening, I had little to say from the start. My friends asked me if I was feeling ill, perhaps I needed to lie down and collect my thoughts after such a busy week. My stomach was tumbling and my throat was dry. I closed my eyes and looked inward for the strength he promised would be there. I knew that if I was to follow through on my commitment to myself, now must be the time to do so. I gently stood up and walked away from the diningtable. As my friends watched in silence, I gingerly reached for a water basin and began to fill up with water from the outside well. I waved my hand and instructed my friends to come to me as I kneeled close to the table, motioning for them to remain silent as I prepared for this task. Would they understand the symbolism? That is obviously a question I cannot answer for myself, only my father knew the answer. Why won't he allow me the power to answer my own questions? Why is he forcing me to remain ignorant of my endeavors? Perhaps some time I will have the courage to ask him, to understand fully why I must be with him and leave these men to fulfill my purpose.As I washed the feet of my friends many of them questioned why I was washing their feet. They implied that rather they should be bathing me, their master and teacher. As I explained to them what I felt was going to happen, I could not help but feel an underlying sadness. These men had been everything to me over the past years, and now I had to pretend to them that I was not letting them down. How could ever begin to understand the burden I bear?As I continued with my words of...

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