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Perspective On “Color” From A Child’s Eye

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When children come into the world they are not born hating anyone, in fact they are born completely helpless and dependent on another person to care for them. Children are also dependent on others to learn. They come into this world needing to feel protected and loved, so why do we teach them to hate? Why not instead teach them to love? There are many things that will need to change in our society to dismantle racism; however it will need to start with our children. My paper will show who is oppressed, who is oppressing, and will compare and contrast what has happened in history, and to where we will need to start to end racism.
I Have a Dream
Dr. Martin Luther King in his “I have a dream speech” stated that now is the time to rise above and to ban segregation and to give justice to all of God’s children (King 1963). Although Mr. King did not mean children literally as in human beings under the age of 18, I believe it starts at that point. In his speech he also stated that we cannot walk alone in the fight for freedom, meaning that people of all color need to unite to fight for freedom. Uniting people of color involves children as well. Children learn by example. If their parents are fighting for what they believe in, chances are their children will as well.
Children Are Born Innocent. When children come into the world they are completely and helplessly dependent on someone to care for them. They rely on that person to make choices that involve what foods to feed them, what kind of clothing is best suited for them to wear, what housing structure to live in, what toys to buy, how to talk to them so they can be taught to learn the language; everything the caregiver thinks is best to have their children thrive. As the child ages, the caregivers enroll them into school or choose to homeschool as it is law, but also to have our children thrive to live. We want the best for our children, why do we continue to oppress them?
There is a thought that children are born colorblind, or do not see the color of another person’s skin. With this logic, children therefore cannot exercise prejudice, except for when they are taught to do so. With this theory, it leads many adults not wanting to talk to their children about race because they fear it could lead to putting ideas in their minds (Aboud 2008).
When young children do express thoughts of race or being bias, it is often dismissed as either bad parenting, child not knowing what they are talking about, or simply bad behavior in children. Research clearly shows that children not only recognize race from a very young age, but also develop racial biases by age’s three to five that do not necessarily resemble the racial attitudes of adults in their lives (Aboud 2008). Three- to five-year-olds in a racially and ethnically diverse day care center used racial categories to identify themselves and others, to include or exclude children from activities, and to negotiate power in their own social/play...

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