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Perspective On Different Ways To Achieve Happiness

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What is truly happiness?
There are seven billion people on this planet named Earth, and to further specify there are just over three hundred million people living in the United States alone. Does one know what they probably all have in common? They all want to achieve happiness or better known as “The American Dream.” But in order to gain gold standard wealth, it starts from the positive upbringings within. Short term happiness is explained in “A critique of positive psychology” by Richard Schoch (2006) where Schoch goes into detail on what gives people happiness using the data of neuroscientists, behavioral scientists and psychologists as his sources for his own conclusion. Schoch’s approach is rather unbiased using facts and sources of data to back up nearly every “opinion”. Simon Critchley (2009) essay, “Happy Like God” gives a more “philosophical/biblical approach” hence the aforementioned title. Critchley dares to question the world by stating “To be happy is to be like God” (449). He then discusses how this is possible by further breaking down his bold statement. Lynne McFall (1989) discusses why the greatest happiness is to know that one doesn’t need happiness. And how happiness is a factor where if one man considers his living conditions happy it could be seen as poor conditions to another man. This is labeled as “Pig happiness”. Happiness is almost wanted by nearly everyone whether experiential or materialistic, philosophical and biblical, or complete happiness knowing that you don’t necessarily need happiness at all.
This mostly-universal desire for happiness whether experiential or materialistic is sometimes studied by careers such as neuroscientists and behavioral scientists. This is best explained by Schoch in “A critique of positive psychology” where Schoch details into the specific events that normally lead to instant happiness or short term happiness. Schoch states “Sex, no surprise, makes everyone feel better” (451), but follows up by stating the second event that leads to happiness which is “having a drink after work with your friends” (451). He supports his second event by stating “work is challenging, rewarding and secure employment also contributes to great happiness” (451). Then, Schoch discuses about how all three of these could correlate such as you could come home from your secure good paying job have a drink with your friends at the bar and then go off to have sex which according to Schoch you would end up having a pretty happy night. This is easily negated by McFall’s theories displayed in “Pig happiness”. While Schoch’s idea of a happy night is having a drink after work with friends and then having sex is only seen as an opinion in McFall’s article. According to McFall that would mean Schoch’s previously mentioned scenario would only be represented as P. and according to McFall “P is satisfied as a consequence that P’s life is going the way P wants it to go.” (411) This could be seen as happiness but McFall takes it...

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