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Running Head: ATTITUDE SURVEY 1ATTITUDE SURVEY 8Attitude SurveyTabitha TaneyPSY/475October 9, 2013Maggie-Boone TriboutAttitude SurveyA topic which has reached huge levels in American news fairly recently, and which has appeared time and again in the past, is the issue of drilling for oil on America soil, or even off of American coasts. It is common knowledge that many Americans do not have an opinion on whether they approve of drilling for oil, though if it was to be in one's backyard, I imagine an individual who formerly had no opinion may quickly change their attitude. This is where an attitude survey may come in handy. This attitude survey was fashioned from the Likert Format survey design. "The first two crucial steps in test development include clearly defining the purpose, and considering preliminary design issues, which includes the mode of administration and scoring and interpreting the test," (Hogan, 2007, p. 602).Possible Purposes of the Survey"Survey and test development begins with a clear statement of purpose for the test or the survey," (Hogan, 2007, p. 604). This attitude survey was designed and intended to gauge either an individual's attitude on oil drilling and possible spills, or a group's attitude on the same. It could possibly be used as a knowledge tool to understand which side a government official is on in this debate. It was also designed to prompt those who take the survey to really think about what they are disagreeing or agreeing to. Understanding of what side the writer of the survey is on can be pinpointed by those who take the survey is clear as well, so it could be helpful in that way. I, as the writer of this particular survey, am very passionate about this topic, so it was fun to come up with the questions and also to anticipate the answers, which were actually shocking.Preliminary Design IssuesAfter understanding the purpose of a test and deciding which topic will be used, the next step is choosing and understanding the design. "These decisions are based on the test's purpose and the intended score interpretations as well as practical considerations," (Hogan, 2007, p. 604). I chose the use the Likert Format, with the 1-5 points, one being strongly disagree to five as representing a person strongly agreeing. I mainly chose this form because I have personally always liked taking these types of surveys, and if I like taking them perhaps those taking my test may also enjoy taking the test. I also was thinking that this type of test may actually get them thinking about the topic. Some people have no opinion on oil drilling (especially drilling in America) and I believe that everyone must think about it more. Certain things must be considered when making a test or a survey, including the mode of administration, the length, the item format, number of scores, score reports, administer training, and background research, (Hogan, 2007). During the making of this survey, I took all of this into consideration.Administration,...

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