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Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization with offices in more than thirty countries around the globe. Their main goal is to observe and reveal environmental abuse. Greenpeace focuses its campaign on global issues like global warming, deforestation, overfishing, and so on. This paper will discuss how Greenpeace campaigns’ affect my behavior by applying different theories.
The first theory is self-monitoring theory. Self-monitoring refers to how a person behaves in different contexts (Snyder, 1974). Two types of self-monitoring are low and high. Low self-monitoring individuals use their own value and motives to guide their behavior (Michener, 1986) while individuals in high self monitoring is more flexible to change their behavior in order to fit in with a given situation. According to this, I can consider myself as a high self-monitoring person because when I looked at the Greenpeace campaigns’ on the Internet, many people threw negative comments toward them because sometimes Greenpeace are way too radical. Thus, somehow I was influenced by their behavior by disliking what they dislike.
I can also relate this situation with bystander effect, which defines as a phenomenon in which the more people present, the higher the probability for people to help others in distress because their presence creates a diffusion of responsibility (Soloman, L.Z, Solomon, H., & Stone, R., 1978). He also argued that people tend to experience less pressure to take action because the responsibility to help others is supposed to be shared among all of those present. I experienced bystander effect in a way I believe that there are a lot of people helping Greenpeace to protect the environment already so I do not have to participate anymore.
Moreover (Eagly and Chaiken, 1993) argued that attitudes are summary evaluations of an object that have cognitive, affective, and behavioral components. According to this theory, cognitive refers to the beliefs we associate towards an object. Affective is more on the feelings or emotions and behavior...

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