Attitudes And Prejudices Against Homosexuals Essay

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We live and are raised in a world where we are taught and influenced that traditional values are the normal and praised, and anyone that goes against them are considered wrong, sinful, or even immoral. Those that challenge the media and go against what society says is the normal are often targeted for bullying, discrimination, and even judged negatively. This is most prevalent for gays, lesbians and bisexuals that face criticism are degraded all because they prefer individuals of the same sex.
Whether it is consciously or unconsciously our society has the tendency to have negative attitudes and prejudices against members of the LGBT community.
There are many different ways LGBT members experience prejudice and unjust treatment. They can find discrimination within their own families and friend circles, within their support system, work force, at school, or even in hospitals with health care professionals. Research and statistics have shown members of the LGBT community have been discriminated against within the military where they have been victimized and kicked out. In some situations even violence has broken out in the military against someone that is gay or lesbian or bisexual (Gay Bullying Statistics).
They also experience prejudice in the work force. Data has shown that it is possible that if members of the LGBT community are open about their sexuality they could be declined a job, or can be judged by their co workers. Discrimination within schools have caused a big issue on bullying which is leading many young people to take drastic measures such as suicide to end the harassments and violence they experience. Studies have concluded that over thirty percent of all suicides are related in way or another to sexual identity crisis (LGBTQ Nation).
There have been some advantages and disadvantages for the LGBT community within the last few decades. Some are steps forward while others have set them back. As of 2013 there are nearly 16 states that have officially legalized gay marriage, including Illinois which takes effect in 2014 (Procon).
This was a large advancement for the gay rights community, and they are paving the way for equality to be established everywhere throughout the U.S.
The attitudes prejudice and against the LGBT community is the most prevalent. As I researched this topic I wanted to conduct a study using surveys to assess the different attitudes and information as to what types of people are most likely to hold prejudice against gays and lesbians. I was curious as to if gender made any difference as well as the different age groups when it came to the results. I created two different types of surveys, one with more questions about homosexuality and the other with more heterosexual related questions. I created three hypotheses; the first that the survey with questions related to heterosexuality would be more positive than the survey that relates to homosexuality. The second hypothesis was that men would have...

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