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Attitudes Towards War "Goodbye" From Blackadder And "The One Day Of The Year" By Alan Seymour.

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What are your attitudes to war? Would you rather… Positive or negative? Dead or alive? Peace or conflicts? Weapons of mass destruction or a nice simple handshake?War is a violent method of solving problems when it comes to settling disputes but even though we know that, why are we still using it as a way of overcoming our political problems?Many of us in society view experiences of war in the media namely and films like 300, Rambo and Blood Diamond just to name a few. We tend to enjoy watching the blood shedding action and there's usually some leet protagonist who ends up killing all the bad guys.But in reality, this is not anything close to experiencing war. If you end up getting sent away on some battleship and have to step foot on the soil of no man's land, you'll probably have been shot and fallen to the ground before you can even say "CHARGE!" Now this is the real attitude towards war. Futile? But it is just how it is, as shown in the text "The One Day Of The Year" by Alan Seymour and "Goodbye" from the series of BlackAddar.The One Day Of The Year is a play based on dialogue about a modernized family. The text has several attitudes towards war. Alf being the one who likes the talk tends to show off how important of a figure he is as he was part of the World War II and sees ANZAC as a great and honorable day where he and his old digger friends can get together and celebrate the spirit of the day. He uses colloquial language to emphasize his points quoting "I'm bloody Australia."Wakka's character is rather quiet. The day reminisces on all the bad thoughts and memories which occurred to him while he was part of the wars. Feeling sorrow for all those people who the war made it seem like that their only purpose of life was to die pointlessly in some far away battlefield when their life could have been much more.The attitudes towards people in the modernized world see Anzac Day rather differently. Huyhie feels that Anzac Day isn't worth all the effort as the day is just an excuse for all the old diggers to get together and get drunk. He uses negative tone of voice to prove his points quote "maybe it's the Great Australia Laziness."BlackAddar's Goodbye is about several characters that get notified and to be prepared for when they are to go over the top soon. The...

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