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Attraction The Unexpected Force That Draws Two People Together

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B efore marriage, love or even dating, there is attraction, the unexpected force that draws two people together. Physical attractiveness is the physical traits which are perceived and believed to be aesthetically pleasing or beautiful. There are multiple factors which influence one person to be attracted to another. These factors can vary between many cultures, cultural and social aspects, and individual subjective preferences (Gangestad & Scyheyd, 2005). An individuals perceived attractiveness can have a significant effect on how they are judged in terms of employment or social opportunities, friendship, sexual behavior, and marriage (Townsend & Levy, 1990).
The media and general public portray a female’s sexuality as a mystery, but is it? Scientific research has revealed several factors that influence heterosexual women’s attraction to men. Researchers have shown that women are strongly attracted to men who are agreeable (Jensen-Campbell, Graziano, & West, 1995), intelligent (Hatfield & Sprecher, 1995), humorous (Bressler, Martin, & Balshine, 2006), generous (Sprecher & Regan, 2002), h igh level of income and social status are also key factors in mate selection (Townsend & Levy, 1990). The majority of women are attracted to symmetrical faces with masculine qualities such as a prominent chin and cheekbones as well as a body that is symmetrical and muscular, with the shoulders wider than the hips (Gangestad & Scyheyd, 2005). Women also prefer a man who is slightly taller than average with a deep voice (Buss, 2008). The combination of such traits is linked to good health and high testosterone levels, which increases the likelihood of reproduction (Gangestad & Scheyd, 2005). This research reveals that a female’s sexuality is not as mysterious as it is often portrayed; in fact it shares insight from an evolutionary standpoint on what attracts the majority of females during mate selection.
Men are often harshly labeled as purely physical beings that are interested primarily in the physical aspects of women but in all actuality studies have shown that males are attracted a number of nonphysical attributes (Kniffen & Wilson, 2004). Such studies indicate that male’s are attracted to women who are extraverted (Swami, Greven, & Furnham, 2007), honest (Paunonen, 2006) and provocative (Hill, Nocks, & Gardner, 1986). It has also been suggested that as males age women in general become more attractive (Gladue & Delany, 1990). Multiple studies have been conducted that reveal males are influenced by similar physical features as females. Past research indicates that the majority of heterosexual men are strongly attracted to females who are highly feminine with symmetrical facial features (Weeden & Sabini, 2005), low waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index (Gangestad & Scheyd, 2005). From an evolutionary standpoint such factors are a predictor of good health and fertility as well as aid in child birth (Gangestad & Scheyd, 2005). The...

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