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Attraction To Advertisements Essay

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Attraction to Advertisements
To define what advertisement is, I would say that advertisement is something like short film or poster that advertises a product or service. But if you look closely do you really think that advertisements are only there to display a product. But I think now a days advertisement are lot more in-dept: what kind of sexuality/gender is the ad targeting, what the ad is really trying to say to you, what demography is the ad targeting, what is the significance of the models facial expression? This question seems to be really small, but these questions really define how much effect the advertisements really have on us. Advertisements have the ability to change what you think. Advertisements have good amount of control over your thinking but beside that advertisement also starts new trends. But most importantly today in our culture advertisement decides what it means to be fit and sexually attractive.
People may think that they are looking at add as they’re looking at add for product, but the advertisement has more effect on the person then they think. Advertisement changes the view point of the viewers related to what is beauty, and sexually attractive. Today advertisements in our culture are like book, they have so many details in the advertisement which is not related to the product. I really think that advertisements are talking to the audiences and telling them that this is the today’s fashion or this is what beauty is. Today in our culture and in our society audiences are focusing more on the model then the product, they are focusing more on what they are wearing, how they are looking. Most of the advertisement that we see today in our society are like, the product is all the way down in the corner and the model is right in the middle trying yelling at the views and telling them this how a men or women should be like and the most amazing thing is that we always fall for it.
I think that advertisements in our culture never had the intention to display product, even if it did, you think that people are going to notice the product more than the male or female model that is advertising the product?
Whenever I think hear or think about how much we are affected be advertisement, a very good example comes to mind. This example is where a male or female model in an advertisement or commercial that is over certain age still looks very young, and muscular. Upon seeing this people in the same age group starts working out hoping to look like that. But if you think about it, there is now way that person after certain age can look that fit. But people still runs after it even if they know that it’s not going to happen. At that time viewers forgot that this advertisement could be photoshopped. This example show how much of an effect an advertisement has on us, and how much an advertisement can brainwash someone. This example also shows how advertisement defines what it beauty is and what is sexually attractive is.
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