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Attributes Of Irish Mafia Essay

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The Mob. The Irish Mafia. The mere mention of these terms brings a thrill and excitement to many, while describing some of the most brutal criminals in America. They have been glorified in countless movies and books; the stories of their exploits make for excellent entertainment. However, the reality is that those involved in organized crime are as violent as they are portrayed in Hollywood, and seldom as glamorous. In this paper, we will provide an introduction to the Irish Mafia, description of its organizational structure, detailed history of the operation, activities, and participants involved in the Irish Mafia, and crime control strategies for this group.Introduction to the Irish MafiaThe Irish Mafia, also known as the Irish Mob, is known as one of the oldest organized crime groups in America. The Irish mob has, or has had, establishments in most of the major U.S. cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Boston. They have also been established in Ireland, England, Canada, and Australia.The Irish mob's earliest known existence in America began in the early 19th century. Like many immigrants, the Irish came to America to find work and to escape the rampant poverty in their country. They dreamed of a life that Ireland could never provide for them. However, upon arrival in America, they soon learned that early American prejudice toward the Irish immigrant created an environment where the Irish immigrants were treated as outcasts. Although there was plenty of work, many business owners simply refused to hire Irish workers. The immigrants had to band together in order to overcome this prejudice. They were not able to find work, so some resorted to a life of crime. Street gangs such as the Charlestown Mob and the Winter Hill Gang were established in the Boston, MA area. The Westies were formed in the New York City, NY area, also known as Hell's Kitchen. (Critical, 2006)The Irish Mafia has made alliances with many other organized crime groups; most notably the Italian Mafia. However, while the Italian Mafia has steadily gained power in the United States, the Irish Mafia has dwindled into a limited power structure that does the majority of its mafia-related work while being subcontracted by the Italian Mafia.The presence of the Irish mafia was most notable in Boston from 1961 - 1966 during the Irish Gang War. During this period, the top Irish gangs in Boston, the Winter Hill Gang, and the McLaughlin gang fought for control of Boston. Previously, the gangs had coexisted peacefully, until on Labor Day, 1961, a member of the McLaughlin gang hit on the girlfriend of a member of the Winter Hill Gang. That incident sparked a conflict that ended only after all members of the McLaughlin Gang were dead. (Kale, 2004)The Irish Mafia was again highly recognized in 1990's when their infiltration into the FBI, through a corrupt agent, was revealed. Since the 1990's, many members of the Irish mafia have been arrested or killed, the Irish mafia has not played a...

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