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Attributes Of Problem Solving Essay

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There are several attributes that one must have when it comes to problem solving or approaching problems. For instance: Manner, Neutrality, and Relativism to name a few. However I am going to identify the top three I think is most important attributes to have when going approaching any problem of situation. We will start off with Open-mindedness. The concept of Open mindedness is allowing oneself to accept evidence and different arguments into account of forming or revising ones beliefs and values. ( A person who is open-minded will be willing to accept other sides to a problem even if it may not be in the best ...view middle of the document... Listening and open-mindedness go hand in hand with one another because with just one the other is just another attribute. It is imperative to be alert and open-minded when listening to all aspects of a situation. Growing up talking to my parents was like talking to a brick wall. They never cared to listen to my evidence about a problem that I caused. They always jumped to conclusions and were bias to any other explanation but their own. Which was unfair at all levels.
Lastly I will talk about Judgment. Judgment utilizes information to support a tentative factual claim that goes beyond the available evidence ( Sometimes we may not always have all the evidence we need when it comes to problem solving and making decisions, that’s when judgment comes into play. We have to gather all the facts and relevant evidence that we have to make sound decisions. Judgment is not about being right or wrong; it’s about making the best choice at that moment when need be. Every person must be able to think on their toes and be willing to make calls that no one else want to make. I read this great quote from The Critical Thinking Community that

Says, “Everyone finds fault with his memory, but...

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