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Why are ATVs and UTVs so expensive? Do manufacturers really have to mark up the prices so much? How much profit do these workers really need? And is high markup really a good selling strategy for the long run? All of these questions are very frequently asked by many consumers of ATVs and UTVs. ATVs as well as UTVs are rugged utility vehicles meant for off road purposes such a hauling heavy loads or just plain old having fun. ATVs can seat up to two people, whereas UTVs can haul up to six people. For the limited use ATVs and UTVs have, they really should not cost as much as they do today.

ATVs and UTVs don’t have nearly any of the features cars do. For example, ATVs don’t have radios, ...view middle of the document...

Even if these ATVs and UTVs are much more fun than a car and can go many places where cars can’t, there is one huge issue. People simply can’t afford them. If someone can’t afford even the simplest car, there is almost no way someone could get a UTV with the features a car comes with. An ATV? Maybe. ATVs can be pretty cheap when people buy them on the lower power range. But, there is always that problem with number of passengers. ATVs are definitely not something a consumer should buy for mass transportation. A consumer may feel like they are getting screwed price wise both ways. An ATV is cheaper than a UTV, but only carries one person. Here’s the math: Let’s say an ATV costs only $4,000, which is relatively cheap. But multiply that by 6 people and it would cost $24,000 for everyone to have a ride. That’s enough money to get a pretty good car that seats 5 people. How about a 2-up ATV? Let’s say one of those costs $7,000, which again, is pretty cheap. But multiply that by three so that all 6 people have a ride and that would cost $21,000. That’s cheaper, but the consumer is still not getting almost any of the features a car would have, and for $21,000 a relatively nice car can still be bought. How about the UTV? A 6 seater UTV can cost $13,000 at the base model, which is the best deal yet, but the consumer still isn’t getting nearly any of the features a car has. And what about airbags for safety? Oh yeah, none of those either.

Now the big reason ATVs and UTVs aren’t worth the money dealers charge is because they aren’t even legal on most of the roads in the US! Only in very remote areas near state trails is there a chance an owner can legally drive them on public roads. Then, what is even the use? In a neighborhood, an owner can drive their ATV or UTV to a restaurant, to a market, or to someone’s house. But in a remote area, there aren’t any of those! ATVs and UTVs are really only meant for private land and for public trails. Then again, unless the owner lives in Northern Wisconsin, there aren’t hardly any public trails, or even much property to own to ride on! If the law in Wisconsin was so that ATVs and UTVs could operate on all roads, these kinds of prices would be acceptable because it is...

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