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Audience Attitude Theories: Charities Campaigns Project

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On this essay I want to look at our study on the Charity Campaigns project. The main goal for us is to know more about the audience attitudes towards those campaigns. By considering this point, it is possible to have a specific look at the aspects of participants’ lives and their behavioral concepts. Related to our subject, there are different theories that can be linked to our project which are related to audience studies. Gathering data through qualitative method is possible by using interviews and it can help us to get valuable records related to specific data that we need to deal with. On the rest of this paper, I will briefly explain all these aspects.
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In fact, the problem regarding to this subject which most of the studies are regarding to the campaign strategies and look in whether they succeed or not, but the researchers have less attention to the audience point of view and consequently, we know less about donors or non donors point of view. Therefore, instead of working on the effect of campaigns on their audience, we would like to work on this subject through qualitative research by looking the audience perspective to figure out the their optimistic and pessimistic point of view toward donating.
Through Looking at 7 stages of interview which is researched by Kvale, 1996, By looking at the “designing” section in our study, we would like to work at the 3 kinds of those questions:
Basically, we want to find an answer to our “cardinal question” which is what is the reason of audience attitudes to donate and the effect of media on this term?
Secondly, we want to work on our “research question”, which is How people as audience reflected on charity and different types of charity advertisements? What do they think about the campaign message?
And finally, For the “questionnaire” part our main focus is under getting knowledge from our target group. we would like to ask questions related to their experience and feeling toward charity in relation to their daily life. in continue, there are some of our questions:
1. Have you donated money in recent months?
2. What is your intention to donate?
3. Why you trust charity campaigns to donate?
4. How you characterize those charitable organization?
5. How much do you know about the charity organization?
6. Could you explain any experience that you have regarding to charity campaigns?
We thought about these question because in our opinion, we could have gathering data in relation with our target group’s experiences toward charity campaign in their daily life. Through this method, the process of achieving data could be more realistic and it is not like a kind of interview, which interviewees stay under pressure and he or she just want to satisfy interviewer. We try to avoid the model of “top-down” interview. We would like that our audience could represent their thoughts and can explain the real situation related to the subject which they faced with.
By looking at audience studies, we would like to gather valuable data that it is not possible without our target group which consist of International students who are living in Denmark. Our reason for this selection is because it will possible a situation for gathering data to look at cultural background and different gender reflection towards donate. Our target group number is around 4-6 person. In fact, we would like to work on the broader range of audience, but the lack of time and accessibility to our target group could be mentioned as our...

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