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Audience's Emotional Response In The Triumph Of The Will, Cabaret, Schindler’s List And The Lion King

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Audience's Emotional Response in The Triumph Of The Will, Cabaret, Schindler’s List and The Lion King
Why are people still so fascinated and emotionally enthralled by the
Nazis? I think it is because of the “horror factor” which is similar
to scary films. You ask yourself how a human can do such things as the
Nazis did and the same question is asked in psychological horror
films. In this essay, I will discuss the films Triumph of the Will,
Schindler’s List, Cabaret and The Lion King, and how they portray the
Nazis, and what techniques they use to do so.

During the 1930s under the Nazis, Hitler commissioned Leni Riefenstahl
to make a propaganda film about the Nazis. In 1934, Triumph of the
Will was released and was based on the Nazi party rally in Nüremberg.
Its purpose was to convert people to fascism. It opens with a shot
from a plane flying over the historic city of Nüremberg this is
Hitler’s viewpoint. The audience see a shadow of the plane high along
the ground not unlike the shadow of fascism falling over Europe. This
makes the audience feel that Hitler is above everyone, and very
superior. The opening is slow with stirring, emotional music with
Teutonic lettering in the credits, because Hitler wanted Germany to be
like it used to centuries ago, strong and powerful.

Hitler was one of the first celebrities to be idolised by the public
and in Triumph Of The Will, he is portrayed as godlike. This is
emphasised by the fact that the camera always looks up at him but down
at his followers. Triumph of the will was probably the first
propaganda film made but apart from that, Leni Riefenstahl made this
film as artistic but a modern audience, unless they try to forget what
they know about the Nazis and the Holocaust can not see this film as
people did in the 1930s. This is known as suspension of disbelief
which is when the audience know something is not true, but for the
minute they believe that it is and forget all preconceptions that they
may have. There were swarms of citizens all around the roads to meet
Hitler, and all of the soldiers were in perfect arrangement, which
makes the audience feel that the Nazis were an organized, prestigious
regime who demanded respect.

Schindler’s List however was made in 1993 by Steven Spielberg and so
is aware of the full story behind the Nazis. The scene describes the
liquidation of the Krakow ghetto. It starts off with a Nazi leader who
makes a passionate speech about the historical significance of the
day. Speeches as seen in Triumph of the Will are very important to the
Nazis. This speech is juxtaposed and heard over images of Jewish
families trying to hide their wealth in bread and we see...

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