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Audience Understanding And Understanding Someone Else's' Audience

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When you anticipate the needs of your audience, you increase your chances of obtaining successful communication. (McGraw-hill Higher Education, 2010, p. 25) We are constantly communicating to our audience about who we are and our message through various means; how we stand, how we dress, how we use our language: fast, slow, or with our word selections; and as well with our non verbal behaviors. (McGraw-hill Higher Education, 2010, p. 25) The audience takes in all the visual and audible cues we present them, or do not present them with, as one overall message. The audiences experiences, education, culture, along with many other additional factors, will determine how they perceive and interpret your message. (McGraw-hill Higher Education, 2010, p. 25) The listener is also providing information back to the speaker through “feedback,” indicating if they are participating in the interaction, with non verbal clues, like nodding their heads, or pursing their lips. “Through [this] process, both sender and receiver construct meaning together. Genuine communication occurs when both parties agree on the meaning and significances of the symbols they are exchanging .” (McGraw-hill Higher Education, 2010, p. 25) For every interaction your goal should be to strive for successful communication, no matter if it is an audience of one, one hundred or one thousand. Once you understand who your audience is, it helps you formulate and prepare appropriate communication methods that help you achieve shared meaning. There are several ways you can analyze your potential audience, both before or during an interaction, to encourage shared meaning is taking place.
“Audience analysis is fundamental to the success of any message: to capture and hold an audience’s attention…, you must shape your message to meet the audience’s goals, interest and needs.” (McGraw-hill Higher Education, 2010, p. 25) You can not “assume the audience is like you,” and attends with your experiences and education. (“Public Speaking Know Your Audience - ASME”) You have to consider why your speech is important to them, as well as what you intend for them to learn. (“Public Speaking Know Your Audience - ASME”) To know your audience you need to know the “purpose” of the presentation as well as the “occasion.” (DiSanza & Legge, 2012, p. 100) The size of your audience will also effect the formality of your speech. What brings the audience there, are they there voluntarily or “captive,” not attending voluntarily.(DiSanza & Legge, 2012, p. 104) How much time do you have; thirty-seconds in an elevator, or a six hour, two part seminar at a hotel.
Before numerous types of speeches, or interactions, you can research the type of audience you will be interacting with. You can gather this information in many creative ways, depending on your setting and preparation time. For instance, you may send surveys, do on-line research, look at databases, or have a conversation with the establishment. Some of the...

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