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Audio Evolution Essay

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959646KJ 1 THE EVOLUTION OF CAR AUDIO SYSTEMS As the seemingly endless highway winds on, the man knows his destination is slowly growing closer. He peers down at the little blue navigation screen mounted in his center console. The navigation system tells him that he only has sixty miles to go.His two sons sit contently in the back seat, watching Disney's latest theatrical release.The man's wife, who is perched in the passenger seat, finds herself falling asleep while listening to the soothing sounds of a classical Brahms concerto. The twenty-two hour drive seemed much shorter thanks to the modern marvels of modern-day car audio technology. Just five years ago the scene previously illustrated could have never taken place. In the last few years, the car audio marketplace has shown vast technological improvements in all of its products including products that are being released for the first time.The aftermarket car audio industry began in the late seventies when modern electronics were on the rise, because of the accelerating developments in electronic technology, though the audio systems back then were not nearly as advanced as modern day car audio. Car audio made its big impact on the market in the late eighties, when car audio manufacturers began producing compact disc players for cars. This rise was also fueled by advancements in speakers and amplifiers. Manufacturers were 959646KJ 2 learning how to make products efficiently for the money as well as the quality.(Rockwood interview) If a person is interested in car audio, and plans to upgrade the system in the years to come the following advice would apply. One of the ways to acquire an upgraded car audio system is by buying from a local installer, though this route can be pricey. Another option is to buy the required equipment at a discount rate and not opt for professional installation. These two routes are a narrow view of the numerous ways to acquire a car audio system. The choice a person has all depends upon preference and budget. (Rockwood interview) Hundreds of components for different car stereo models are available, and without keeping abreast of recent information, a person could get lost in the sheer numbers. Some car audio magazines have listed over 863 amplifier models in one issue. These are merely the current models being sold by manufacturers; hundreds of other models have been sold and are now discontinued, while hundreds more will be available in future years. This is just one of the many examples of how vast the car audio marketplace is. (Rockwood interview) Professional installation almost always amounts to a properly functioning car audio system; however, there is also a usually high price accompanying it. If one decides on the route of professional installation, a local installation shop should be easy to find. Most cities have at least one. Once the shop is chosen, one must sit down with a salesman and discuss the specifics in which you are interested. Next, an estimate...

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