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Audiovisual Translation ( Movie Translation )

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Table Of Contents Acknowledgments Abstract Table of Contents CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION 1.1 What is Translation 1.2 What is language? 1.3 What is culture? 1.4 The major relations between "Language" and "Culture" 1.5 The relationship between "Culture" And "Translation" 1.6 Why I have chosen Translation as a gradation thesis? 1.7 Why I have chosen Movie translation as a graduation thesis? 1.8 Important of Movie Translation to the field of EFL in Turkey 1.9 Methods 1.9.1 Word-for-word translation: in which the SL word order is preserved and the words 1.9.2 Literal translation: in which the SL grammatical constructions are converted to their 1.9.3 Faithful translation: it attempts to produce the precise contextual meaning of the 1.9.4 Semantic translation: which differs from 'faithful translation' only in as far as it must 1.9.5 Communicative translation: it attempts to render the exact contextual meaning of the 1.9.6 Adaptation: which is the freest form of translation, and is used mainly for plays 1.9.7 Free translation: it produces the TL text without the style, form, or content of the 1.9.8 Idiomatic translation: it reproduces the 'message' of the original but tends to distort CHAPTER II: Statement of the topic 2.1 Theoretical Framework for Audiovisual Translation 2.2 What is Audiovisual Translation? 2.3 Introduction / Technology and translation 2.4 Digital technology in audiovisual translation 2.5 Process of Audiovisual Translation 2.6 Process 2.7 Finalization CHAPTER III: Methods in Movie Translation 3.1 Types of Audiovisual Translation 3.2. The four subtitling methods 3.3 Methods 3.3.1 Pre-translation/Adaptation/Spotting 3.3.2 Pre-translation/Spotting/Adaptation 3.3.3 Adaptation/Spotting/Translation 3.3.4 Translation/Adaptation/Spotting 3.4 Subtitling 3.5 Process of subtitling 3.6 Distinctive features of subtitling as a form of translation 3.7 Semiotic composition: multiplicity of channels 3.8 Time and Duration 3.9 Types of subtitling 3.9.1 Intralingual subtitling (in the original language). 3.9.2 Interlingual subtitling 3.9.3 Open subtitles 3.9.4 Closed subtitling 3.9.5 Future of subtitling: 3. 10 Dubbing 3.11 Vocal intonation and gesture 3.12 General differences and similarities between dubbing and subtitling 3.13 Voice-over CHAPTER IV: CONCLUSION 4.1 Subtitling, dubbing, or voice-over? 4.2 Subtitling 4.3 Dubbing 4.4 Voice-over 4.5 Overview of the Study REFERENCES CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION 1.1 What is Translation Translation 'is a craft consisting in the attempt to replace a written message and/or statement in one language by the same message and/or statement in another language.' (Newmark, 1988). Nabokov writes that 'translation is the rendering, as closely as the associative and syntactical capacities of another language allow the exact contextual meaning of the original.' (Nabokov, 1964, 1988:11). Translation is the way of adapting the message of the source language parts into target language as accurate as possible in other ways it is the...

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