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Audit Evidence Collection And Role Essay

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1.Inspection records or documents
Inspection records or documents can provide reliable evidence of different degree of audit, audit evidence reliability determined from records or documents and properties(Brown, H., & Milstead, J. 2008). External records or documents are normally considered than the internal record or file reliable, because the external document by the audited units issued by the client, the audited entity recognition, show that both parties agree on the terms of the information and record certificate.

2.Check the tangible assets
Inspection of tangible assets refers to the registered accountants to examine the assets. Inspection of tangible assets program is mainly ...view middle of the document...

Re-execution is a certified public accountant in manual mode or the use of computer assisted audit techniques, to independently execute as part of the program or internal control audit unit.

8.Analysis program
The analysis procedure is refers to the intrinsic relationship between CPA based on the analysis of the financial data and financial data and non-financial data, an assessment of the financial information. Analysis program also includes the survey identified, and other relevant information not consistent with the expected volatility and relational data or serious deviation.

Importance and audit evidence into reverse, as also the inverse relationship between the materiality and audit risk, so it can be a positive relationship between audit risk and the audit evidence, presumption(Cortese, A. 2006, January 26). That is to say, if the audit risk is high, the required number of audit evidence collected more also. According to this relationship, the audit staff can according to the evaluation of audit risk, audit evidence to determine the number needed, to achieve sufficient and appropriate requirements. If the auditor to preliminary estimates of audit risk level is higher, then the auditor audit evidence collected more, in order to reduce audit risk to an acceptable level. Conversely, if the level of audit risk assessment is relatively low, the audit evidence, audit personnel only need to collect less(Royce, W.S., Gebelt, J.L., & Duff, R.W. 2003). In short, there is a very close relationship between the importance of control or influence, audit risk, audit evidence, under certain conditions, as long as one of these factors changed, one or the other two factors will change. Therefore, the CPA must take these three factors as a whole to consider, in the audit at the same time,...

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