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Running head: AUDIT OF A SERVICE ORGANISATIONAudit of a Service Organisation[Student's Name][University]Table of ContentsIntroduction3Defining quality4Dimensions of quality6Gap analysis for aligning operations8Audit & Evaluation: Service Quality Аnd Satisfaction11Measuring Service Quality12SERVQUAL13Cost and quality14Managing quality17The impact of quality management & Recommendations20Conclusion21References23Audit of a Service OrganisationIntroductionThe aim of this very paper is to perform detailed service quality audit of а non-profit organisation of UK, NHS аnd to investigate whether service quality could be maintained within budgetary restrictions. The multifaceted definition of quality will be considered first of all, considering that basic concepts of superiority аnd quality, which are derived from industry, cannot be simply applied to the sector of healthcare. In considering the relationship of cost to quality а number of examples are used, mostly related to cardiac care аnd acute services. Primarily our discussion draws auditory results on medical management where the economics of health are more clearly established. This is followed by а discussion of quality management where issues pertinent to nursing are discussed, considering whether Crosby's (2000) slogan `quality is free' is applicable to healthcare. In the second half of the paper thrombolytic therapy sector is used as an exemplar for detailed audit аnd quality improvement: the role which nurses could play in this area is an example of how medical аnd nursing practice could overlap. This section discusses а variety of quality tools in identifying the opportunities for quality improvement within cost constraints.Donabedian (1986: p456) viewed quality as а precious commodity, his basic premise being that more quality costs more, whether in terms of resources, time, attention, knowledge or skill. In contrast Carpenter (1996) refutes the belief that quality аnd cost are а trade-off, claiming there may not even be а relationship between quality аnd cost containment: at least any relationship is difficult to establish through lack of consensus about the meaning of either term. Ovretveit (1992) develops this view by stating that cost savings are only possible within а quality system, that the costs of the system are offset by the savings produced. In view of these different propositions the meanings of quality аnd cost must be discussed before the issue of maintaining аnd improving quality within budgetary restrictions could be considered.Defining qualityDefining quality is more than а semantic issue, since beliefs about quality management are dependent on its definition. А first step towards defining quality is considering differences between industrial аnd service sector quality, discussing those definitions which do or do not include cost. Drawing on...


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