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Audrey Hepburn Paper

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All throughout her acting career, Audrey Hepburn has received more awards and nominations than any of the other actors and actresses combined. Some of these noted awards include the Oscars, the Tony and the Emmy awards (“List of Awards and Honours Received by Audrey Hepburn”). Hepburn also topped various distinguished charts. She was voted as the 3rd among The American Film Institute’s 50 Greatest Screen Legends, recognized as the 18th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Premiere Magazine, 21st Greatest Movie Star of all Time by Entertainment Weekly and others (“Trivia”). “She was a legendary icon,” Ben Mankiewicz pointed out, referring to Hepburn. However, aside from being an award-winning actress, Hepburn also devoted a great deal of her time in humanitarianism under UNICEF (“Audrey Hepburn Biography”).
Audrey Hepburn was born on the 4th of May 1929. Her mother was of Dutch aristocracy while her father was a banker. At a young age, Hepburn was sent to finishing school in order to prevent her from being an audience of her parents’ constant arguing and bickering. In this finishing school, she mastered the English language and dancing for the first time. After the World War II, which ended the day after Hepburn’s 16th birthday, starvation was rampant. In order for the family to survive, Hepburn volunteered to be a chorus girl for a living, and there she was discovered of her talent and lively disposition. As time passed, she was given small roles in the film industry. Until 1951, Hepburn was finally given a lead role in Monte Carlo, Baby (“Audrey Hepburn Documentary”). This was followed by the all-time classic, Gigi. Gigi paved the way to Hepburn’s eventual steps towards stardom. Gigi, then was followed by Roman Holiday. Elizabeth Taylor was supposed to play the leading lady, but after the screen test, majority of the votes were in favor of Hepburn. This film paved way for Hepburn to win her very first Academy Awards for Best Actress (“Roman Holiday”). Her next film, Odine, earned her, not only an Oscar and a Tony Award, but also real-life romance as she fell in love with her leading man, Mel Ferrer on-screen and backstage. Unfortunately, her romance with Mel Ferrer wilted away, but love was rekindled when she met the psychiatrist Andrea Dotti. This marriage also failed at the end, but Hepburn’s love life was eventually revived by Robert Wolders who accompanied her until her last breath (“Audrey Hepburn Documentary”).
One of the films which aided Hepburn to reach fame was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Gathering awards and nominations in the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was considered a hit during its time in the 1960’s. Audrey Hepburn, who was known for her alias Holly Golightly in the movie, portrayed the role of a call girl who was once a country bumpkin with the name Lula Mae Barnes. In this film, Hepburn reflected the wild and carefree Holly who entangled herself to rich sugar...

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