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Augmented Reality: The Future Of Virtual Technology

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People try to invent more inventions to help the world and making finishing some task simpler. According to Wikipedia, in 1901, L. Frank Baum thought about an idea of creating an electronic display that stream data to real life. However, it was not popular and common between people at that time. After that, many inventors tried to develop this idea and make it a reality that is useable by people. In 1980, Steve Mann invented the first wearable computer with vision systems that people envision with. Then, people began to use it for weather broadcasts and world maps. It became wider than before. In 2013, Google invented glasses that were based on this technology, and they called it Google Glasses (“Augmented Reality”).
This technology is called augmented reality. According to Wikipedia, augmented reality is a way to combine technology with the real life by creating visuals through glasses, contact lenses, and handhelds. It adds details to people’s real vision. This technology is becoming more and more popular nowadays, e.g. some people use it in some sports such as American Football. It shows a yellow line in the television to show the first down line. There are also many uses of augmented reality (“Augmented Reality”). This paper will be about the uses of augmented reality in learning and navigation systems.
According to research, augmented reality (AR) generate a composite view that combines the real or physical scene with the virtual computer-generated one, which is supplemented or augmented with additional information in terms of graphics, video or sound in real-time (Lee). An article claims that the computer-generated scene enhances the users’ perception of the virtual world they are interacting with. AR varies from virtual reality (VR) in that the latter allows users to experience a wholly computer-generated environment. On the contrary, AR’s environment is real although it is supplemented and extended with information generated by the computer system. AR environments include the virtual and real objects in actual physical environments that align the virtual, the physical objects and real-time interaction, between virtual and the physical objects (Yoon et al.). Therefore, AR offers an interface between the virtual and the real world.
Research states that augmented reality combines real content that is observable via an electronic device, such as HMD displays and camera, in addition to the virtual computer-generated content, perfectly overlaid on the real content. They are also real-time interactive systems. Additionally, while the information is displayed in 3-dimensional space, the real one that the user views represents the context for interaction. It also represents the real world in addition to the virtual elements (Borrero & Marquez). Between the real and the virtual scenarios, a continuum exists, typified by a range of combinations of the real and virtual environment. The research also stated that AR offers a range of advantages....

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