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Augmented Reality In The Aid Of Surgery

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Augmented reality (AR) is the virtual the object which is combination of 3D real environment in the real time. Computer aided surgery and medicine is one of the application areas in augmented reality (AR). In computer aided surgery and medicine visualization method is needed as a side of view from virtual world as a solution computer visualization in operation for example laparoscopic surgery. In this reviews, visualization include a display device based AR systems, head-mounted display (HMD) and stereoscopic images for generate images with new side of point view. Meanwhile, minimally invasive therapy (MIT) used in modern medicine. In research article (Zhang.L. & .W.J, 2005) head-mounted display (HMD) described as a device stereoscopic monochrome HMD combined real and virtual images by means of a semi-transparent mirror.

Why augmented reality application in computer aided surgery and medicine interesting topic? The reason for conduct these studies to suggest a requirements in video-see-through HMD systems and stereoscopic images for improvement to meet the basic need requirements. Augmented reality is one of the approaches as a guideline in medical area especially for surgery and medicine. (Shuhaibar JH, 2004) defined augmented reality is a new approach in executing detailed surgical operations and more research needed to evaluate long-term clinical. The requirement actually the representational system that allowed the physician has interaction naturally and has an experience in mixed environment such in virtual environment. In study (M.Figl, 2008) stated the HMD is a device the display of additional computer generated graphics over a real-world scene. It also can show the lives images from the real world. Meanwhile human has limited physical spaces to conduct complex task, (Studeli, 2007) they developed a framework tailored to the design and future MIT computer system. It addresses aspects of user centered design, information presentation, surgeon workload and safety. (Tobias Sielhorst, Marco Feuerstein & Nassir Navab, 2008) stated the medical augmented reality takes it motivation from the need of visualizing medical data and the patient within the same physical space.

The contribution of this study to society also can be seen such through technologies, ideas, concepts, argument or techniques in order to contribute to society especially in application of surgery and medicine in augmented reality. Instead, surgeons can get directions of views onto and into the body of the patient so the new navigational can bring the medical imagery provides a good medical services to patients and also reduce the risk of error in estimation during perform their task. (Samset et al, 2010) using AR educates surgeons in radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors using a head-mounted display (HMD). Moreover, by using the AR systems the recovering of the patients also can be maximize and reduce the cost while they still...

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