August 10, 2002 How Reading Changed My Life By: Anna

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August 10, 2002 How Reading Changed My Life By: Anna Quindlen August 15, 2002 Chapters 1 - 2 I find this story surprising because it reminds me of my early childhood memories.The author explains how she remembered the things she did as a young child. Going to the airport; visiting relatives, the smell of plastic. She had a lovely childhood in a lovely place. The books she read that took her all around the world, is also a thing that she and I have both experienced. Her childhood is like a mirror-image of mine.I thing this story is interesting because it shows many different views of people towards reading. In the book, Oprah Winfrey loved reading as a child all the time, but her mother hated it and called her a "something-something bookworm." Even a long time ago the early people like, Alexander the Great, and Socrates had their own views about reading. Alexander became a great reader after he was showed the skill of reading, and Socrates thought reading was a waste of time. The author talks about different forms of reading: Religion books, Bibles, cookbooks, newspapers, comics, novels, poetry, etc…" I agree with the author when she says that women read differently from men because I am make and I have noticed that my female friends read more books than I do. I also noticed that they are more likely to pick out and read a novel while males are known to read biographies and history. "Women feel more of a need to escape their own lives and take up those of others than men do," to me, that sentence is a fact because women tend to be more emotional than men.August 16, 2002 Chapters 3-4 I find the author's intellectual propositions to be very true because they are mainly based on real happenings in her life. "Some believe that reading is more with the cerebral and not the emotional." I think this is true with some people who read just for school or because they have to. But the other people read for fun because they like to."Reading had many functions: pleasurable,...

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