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Auguste Rodin Essay

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Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) was born on November 12th 1840 in Paris, France. Very few would dispute the statement that Rodin was the greatest genius in the world of sculpture in the late 19th century. There were very few artists who faced the criticism; slander and personal insults during their lifetimes as was given to Rodin likewise there are few artists who have known such personal glory during their carriers. Rodin's sculpture was so powerful and original that those in control of the art world did not understand him in his day. He was refused admittance into the Ecole des Beaux-Arts three times and was the brunt of many articles criticizing his works. His talent and art was so powerful that despite all of the official disdain he received he was able to overcome these obstacles placed in his path and emerged on the international scene attracting collectors from around the world to his studio seeking his works. Rodin's youth was spent drawing and sculpting at an early age. He spent much of his time at the Louver where he met Antoine Louis Barye. After his three refusals of admission to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts the eighteen-year-old Rodin worked as a craftsman and jewelry maker as well as at other odd jobs. His beloved sister died in 1862, which shook Rodin greatly, and he entered the Fathers of the Saint-Sacrament. It was there that he created his second sculpture, a bust of father Piere-Julien Eynard, his first bust being that of his own father. After two years Rodin realized that religion was not his vocation and left to continue working as a craftsman in Paris and set up a small studio in which to sculpt. In 1864 he submitted his plaster mask of L’Homme au nez Casse to the Salon and it was refused entry and it was not until the 1875 Salon that this work, now in marble, was finally admitted. It was in 1875 that Rodin traveled to Italy where he was greatly impressed by the works of Michelangelo whose influence can be seen in many of Rodin's works. Rodin worked in Belgium for several years as a anonymous sculptor where he created his first true masterpiece L'Age d'Airin and exhibited it at the Paris Salon of 1877 where it was not well received and provoked many uncomplimentary articles accusing Rodin of copying another work or a living model because it was so lifelike. Many of the famous artists of the day came to Rodin's defense praising Rodin as a genius and the Government of France would purchase L'Age d'Airin in 1880 as the first of many State...

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