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Aum Shinriko (Anthrax Incident) Essay

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With the ending of the 20th Century and start of the 21st Century there has been a constant War on Terrorism. Does this mean that Armageddon is near and people should prepare for the end or does this mean that there is just a misunderstand of the many different cultures and religions of this world? To understand where terrorist originate there need to be an understanding where they come from and what they are about. Know if these acts are political, religious, freedom of rights or just the belief that to destroy the world is the only way to save it. The Japanese Terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo comes to mind when you think of these situations. The Aum Shinrikyo believe in all of these ...view middle of the document...

After this incident Chizuo found himself to be empty, so he went on a pilgrimage to find religion and enlightenment in the Himalaya, India. When returning Tokyo began a spiritual or religious boom, with the economy booming many new religions came about. Agonshu was in many ways a thoroughly modern cult. It recruited followers through magazine ads and used its own satellite TV stations to beam out “healing psychic power” The sect demanded strict adherence to Buddhist principles, and encouraged followers to cut all contacts with family. This hard-line approach was sweetened by supernatural promises as described in cult publications like “The Psychic Power Science Can Give You.” Chizuo found this cocktail of fundamentalism and fantasy appealing. In 1981, he began Agonshu central training program. The Agonshu gave Chizuo peace of mind and a idea for his own cult.

In 1984 Chizuo created a new company call Aum Inc. a Hindu mantra, or chant which means to incorporate the ultimate truth of the universe. With a thriving business he was able to open more yoga schools around Japan. His schools were thought of as a sanctuary from the high stress of life. “While meditating on the beach Chizuo said that God had came to him and told him “I have chosen you to God’s Army,” the voice said. That same year, he met a radical historian during a spiritual retreat in the Mountains. “Armageddon will come at the end of the century,” the man warned him. “Only a merciful, godly race will survive. The leader of this race will emerge in Japan.” (Kaplan 1996) This ignited the start of the Aum Shinrikyo. The cult was extremely large with approximately 40,000 to 60,000 members worldwide including a membership estimated to be three times larger in Russia than in Japan. There was only one known deliberate attempt to create an anthrax aerosol environment in a population space. In 1993 the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo dispersed anthrax spores in a liquid medium into the air of Tokyo, first from their building and then from trucks traveling to the center of the...

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