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The story "Aurora", by Juno Diaz is about Junior, Cut, and Aurora. Teenagers, who for unknown reasons have to live on the streets exposed to drugs, sex, and crime. There is a relationship between them, where Junior and Cut are best friends and Aurora has some feelings for Junior. Yes, there is love between Junior and Aurora, but due to the circumstances of life, the environment they live, and amount of drugs they use; they are forced to live on the streets with a surviving (on-going) relationship. Junior loves Aurora as the text describes several times. Although he loves Aurora, he mistreats her and never takes that relationship seriously.After several attempts reading the story, I know Junior loves Aurora. They have been dating for a while and through time we see that they care for each other. He has bought her clothes, which shows that he cares for her. Every time that they get together, even though it is once, twice a week, or just for the weekend, they find the chance to talk, kiss, hold hands, and time to jig. When they are alone, we can see that he lets her kiss parts of his face that almost never gets touched. These actions are hard to see in couples who are only together for sex. We can see that both of them have affection and the need for each other. Another reason why Junior loves Aurora is that even though he is sexually involved with other girls, he looks for Aurora. Every time when he is alone he misses her and shows desperation to find her. Although Junior loves Aurora, he mistreats her and never takes their relationship seriously. Junior on occasions abuses her and hits her until she bleeds. Once he punched her in the chest and gave her a black and blue bruise. Another time was after they had sex, he amazes himself how nasty he feels and he wants to put his fist in her face again. Most of these aggressions take place...

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