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Auschwitz Camp Essay

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Imagine leaving your family, your house, your possessions, and your life behind. You do not know where your going, or how long it will take to get there. Yet cramped into a small spaced with around a hundred other people; some people dead, some dying, some hoping for death to come. Its hard to say positive in a situation like this. Imagine coming to the most famous and most deadly concentration camp. Its name is Auschwitz, imagine being a jew in the nazi germany during World War II. Men and Women, and children crying, where am I? When would this end? GET ME OUT OF HERE! but the question everyone ask then and now still stands, what was the purpose of the Auschwitz camp?

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An other way people were killed was by starvation,this was the most common death at the Auschwitz, jews would only get a very small cracker once a week with a couple drops of black coffee that tasted horrible.

Many people ask,who started all this? A man named Adolf Hitler, he was born on 1890, Austria. Hitler grew up hatting jews because jews crucified jesus on the cross, so Hitler decided to get back at the jews of what they did. Many people ask then and now, then Hitler just broke the 5th commandment, yes he did, but Hitler said no saying that God told him to do this. Hitler hired over 7,000 of SS soldiers at the Auschwitz camp. Hitler had done horrible things to these insist people. Hitler was trying so hard to build as many death chambers as he can in the camp, thats how bad Hitler hated jews. Hitler plan was trying to kill ALL jews. But as you can see Hitler did not accomplish his goal. Hitler hired a man named Josef Mengele or his nick name “Angel of death” in May,1943. Josef was a SS Physician at the Auschwitz camp , he did horrible experiments on the prisoners that basically killed them half the time. Heres an example what he did; Josef experiment on a pregnant woman, he cut open her stomach and took the baby out wondering if the baby will survive with a tube in its mouth. Josef liked to experimented on twins a lot. Once Josef saw a twins he took them right away. He found over 100 pairs of twins at the camp, he made them fill out a form that talks about their family history, Once every thing was settle Josef put a special tattoo number on their arm just for twins. Josef acted so nice to the twins but once he took them back to the his experimental room his attitude change real quick. Josef did the most gruesome things to these twins. Blood was drawn every day. Often in large quantities, blood was drawn from twins fingers and arms, and sometimes both their arms simultaneously. The youngest children, whose arms and hands were very small, suffered the most: Blood was drawn from their necks, a painful and frightening procedure. It was estimated that approximately ten cubic centimeters of blood was drawn daily. Twins got very terrified when they heard their number called out because it was their...

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