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Auschwitz Research Paper

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​Thousands upon thousands of innocent Jews, men, women, and children tortured; over one million people brutally murdered; families ripped apart from the seams, all within Auschwitz, a 40 square kilometer sized concentration camp run by Nazi Germany. Auschwitz is one of the most notorious concentration camps during WWII, where Jews were tortured and killed. Auschwitz was the most extreme concentration camp during World War Two because innumerable amounts of inhumane acts were performed there, over one million people were inexorably massacred, and it was the largest concentration camp of over two thousand across Europe.
​Many extremely cruel and torturous things took place inside Auschwitz. Children, visibly pregnant women, and the elderly were often murdered upon arrival to Auschwitz. The Nazis did this because women and children were unable to endure the harsh labor that the Nazis wanted to put the Jews through, so they would inevitably be killed anyways. This is very cruel, not just because the women, children, and elderly were brutally murdered, but because this tore apart families within the camp; people had to live with the fact that their loved ones had been killed by Nazis. If children survived the initial separation, medical experiments were often performed on them by Dr. Josef Mengele, who was the main doctor in the camp, such as being put in pressure chambers, castrated or sterilized, and being frozen to death. This shows that the Nazis clearly didn’t care about how they treated their hostages. This proves one of the ways that the Nazi officers were inhumane and that the camp was a place filled with torture and death.
​Over one million people were massacred within Auschwitz over the years that it served its main purposes; “To incarcerate real and perceived enemies of the Nazi Regime for an indefinite period of time, to have available a supply of forced laborers for deployment of the S.S. owned enterprises, and to physically eliminate small, targeted groups of the population whose death was determined essential to the security of Nazi Germany.”(Auschwitz-USHMM). Around 1,060,190 people were deported from their homes and taken to become slaves and get slaughtered by Nazi officers. The way that people were ripped from their homes and taken from their families was savage and barbaric. The people that were deported to the camp were innocent people and didn’t deserve to be sent directly to...

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