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Hannah MurrayDan CramerPublic SpeakingJuly 2, 2014Title: Autism AwarenessSpecific Purpose: To inform my audience about the nature of autism.Central Idea: What autism really is, what the signs and symptoms of autism are, and different treatments for people with autism.Introduction: How many of you have ever thought about your ideal future, job, family and lifestyle? I can guarantee that very few of you, if any, have ever wished for that future to include a child who wouldn't hug you or would scream if you came near them. These are both common situations parents of children with autism face. Today, I am here to raise your awareness on autism, because the odds of you having a child with autism are probably greater than you think. I have worked with autistic young adults since I was 16 and would like to share with you what I have learned about these unique people.Transition: I want to explain to you what autism really is, what different signs and symptoms of the disability are, and the types of treatments available for people with autism.Body:First let me explain what autism really is.Autism is a term for a group of disorders of brain development.The Autism Speaks website characterizes these disorders by social, communicational, and behavioral difficulties.As more research is being done on autism, the rate of diagnosis has increased tremendously within the past 10 years.In 2012 the Autism Research Institute shows that 1 person in every 88 develops autism.It is also 5 times more likely for a boy to have autism than a girl.Recent studies and research show that there is not one single cause of autism.Autism risk genes mixed with environmental factors influencing early brain development.Oxygen deprivation to the brain during birth.Since autism is a developmental disability it is usually not diagnosed at birth.Up to first 3 yearsTransition: Just as there is not one single cause of autism, there is also more than one kind of autism.There are many different signs and symptoms a child with autism may show on a large spectrum of intensities.The most common symptom shown in autistic children is impaired social...

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