Australia: 1700 To Present Essay

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Australia: 1700 to Present

Analyze the political, social, and economic continuities and changes in Australia from 1700 AD to the present. While Australia has politically gained independence since the 1700’s, their ethnicities have shifted to create a socially diverse country as they remain closely tied with the rest of the world in regards to global trade. Since Britain used to rule Australia in the 1700’s, Australia since has had revolutions that granted them political independence from a larger ruling body. This provides freedom for all of the inhabitants in Australia from an outside force. In addition to this, the ethnicities of Australia have been allowed to mix with those of the rest of the world as new people join the society of Australia through global migrations. These new ethnicities have thoroughly changed the social structure and classes of Australia since the 1700’s. Although Australia is independent and varied in ethnicity, they are still, and have always been, closely tied into trade networks around the globe, even after experiencing some minor setbacks in the 20th century.
The government of Australia has become increasingly independent of other governments since 1901, and now has their own politics that do not depend on those of other countries, after overcoming issues related to no government. When the British first arrived in Australia, James Cook described the Aboriginal government as barbaric and tribal based. There was no specific leader for the entire continent, there simply were several tribes that each governed themselves. These tribes ranged from having chiefs as their leaders, to some even with small groups of people leading them. No matter the tribe though, there was no uniting power for all of Australia before the 1700’s. Therefore, with the disunited government types, the British saw an easy landmass to control, so they claimed Australia and put their own government in place. The people of Australia then were under the rule of the King and Queen and Parliament of Britain. The British sent people into Australia to govern and execute the British laws upon Australians. Thus, Great Britain controlled Australia from the time they claimed the continent in the 1770’s, until the early 1900’s. Similar to the revolution in America against Britain, the Australians became weary of Britains control, and wished to be an independent country. Eventually in the early 1900’s, Australia began a revolution against Britain, and formed a federation that had parliament as their central government. There were six states that shared power with the central government, creating a federal system to unite all of Australia. Although there had been political tensions with the British, the Australians stayed true to their roots and kept a part of the British Union flag in their own when the newly freed country created a flag to represent themselves. For some, this new government was adequate, but some people, however, still saw issues with the...

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