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Australia A Unique Continent Essay

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TopicsPage1.Geographical Coordinates21.1 Location21.2 Area size21.3 Relative size22.Plate Tectonic Theory32.1Location due to plate tectonic theory32.2Pangaea32.3Gondwana33.Climate Case Study: Sydney and Alice Springs43.1Latitude43.2Distance from coast43.3 Ocean currents43.4Prevailing wind43.5Relief54.Australia’s Geographical isolation 64.1Flora64.2Fauna65. References used 71.Geographical Coordinates1.1 LocationAustralia is located in the southern hemisphere, and has a latitude of 113° to 154° east, and a longitude of 10° to 44° south. This places Australia in the ‘Asia Pacific Region’ and the ‘South Eastern quartile’ of the world.1.2 Area sizeThe total land size of Australia is 7,686,850 kilometres squared, which ranks it the 6th largest country in the world, about 1, 000, 000 kilometres squared smaller than Brazil, and about twenty times larger than Japan. The ‘EEZ’ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of Australia is about 10,648,250 kilometres squared, which ranks Australia’s ‘EEZ’ the third in the world behind the United States of America, and France. The coastline of Australia reflects its ‘EEZ’, as it is 25,760 kilometres squared. Australia also has shores on the several oceans and seas including the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Tasman Sea and the Coral Sea.1.3 Relative sizeAustralia has 5 states and 2 territories, which are New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. The Northern Territory is approximately five times bigger than the United Kingdom and around twice as big as the State of Texas. New South Wales on the other hand is around seven times the size of Great Britain, and close to the size of California.2. Plate Tectonic Theory2.1Location due to plate tectonic theoryInitially, Australia was connected to other continents, however the pacific plate moved to the region of which it is now located. Plate movements gave the basic shape of Australia, through, erosion and this has defined the coast that we currently have today. Australia is also the Flattest Continent in the world, and this is because it is in the middle of the pacific plate, has had constant wind erosion, and has had very few earthquakes or tremors, causing mountains to be formed.The Earth’s crust is broken up into Tectonic plates. These plates sit on molten lava. The plates move according to the convection currents below the Earth’s crust. This explains continental drift, as landforms located on these plates move with the plates. Australia is located in the middle of the pacific plate which may explain why the topography of Australia is so flat, whereas other countries such as Nepal, experience large folds in the Earth’s crust.2.2 PangaeaAbout 750 Million years ago, Australia was connected to a large landmass called Pangaea, which was starting to break up into two smaller continents, Laurasia in the...

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