Australia Became A Multi Ethnic Country. Essay

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Australia became amulti-ethnic countryPatter Pathan said, migration is the movement of people from one country to another. Nowadays, without any problem, people migrate to many parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, America, Australia and many more other countries. The first people who migrated to Australia were the Aborigines and Torres Strait islander. They arrived in Australia between fifteen thousand and fifty thousand years ago. Between then and now, Australia became a multi-ethnic country. Many races from all over the world travel millions of miles in order to settle in Australia. Australia is adeveloped country and it is a land full of opportunities. However, as people migrate to Australia there are the causes and the effects and also influence people to move to Australia.Government is important to all countries because a government protects and rules a country. However a change in policy can lead to an unwanted situation. When a government alters its policy, it may not benefit members of the public. Therefore it may lead to an unstable effect on the people and an unhealthy economical function, such as inflation. Sometimes even if the wrong government is chosen, it can lead to protesting, which in turn proceeds to a civil war in a country. This pushes the civilised people to migrate to another country.War is a terrible disaster caused by humans themselves. Because of war a country would suffer high rates of death, poverty, famine and major trauma. Naturally people would look to migrate to a place of serenity, peace and harmony. For example, the Second World War hit Europe quite badly. This really pushed Australia to its limit because Australia had to take in refugees from Europe, mainly the Jews. It was a moral obligation for Australia to take in refugees. The Jews in Germany suffered a great deal because of Adolf Hitler. The Nazis tried to create an Aryan race, thus liquidating the Jews. They had no option then to escape the control of Hitler. A place the Jews chose to migrate was Australia. Not only Australia was in contentment and harmony; it was also a place far away from the dominant ruling of Adolf Hitler. Therefore the Jews had no worries or concern about death.Patton Nathan, Australia is a land full of opportunities and gold. Australia was developing much faster than the countries surrounding. Due to its development there was a boost to education. The education is at a high level. People look for a higher and good level of education hence they depart for Australia. With education people were able to go to work and earn money, therefore it is good on the economical side. Australia had a high employment rate this gave a boost to the economical background of the country. The...

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