Australia: Health Care System, Political Status, And The Economy

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Australia's government is a federal parliamentary democracy and the Commonwealth based on English model. Australia is divided up into six states into territories including: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania Victoria and Western Australia. The economics of Australia are related to growth and has a low unemployment rate and a very stable economic growth since 2012. Australia is involved in the World Trade Organization (WTO) as well as other global economic associations. Australia’s main products are wheat, barley, sugarcane, fruit, sheep, and poultry along with industrial mining and chemical processing. Exports include will gold and meat. The majorities of Australians speak English and are Protestant. Australia has many major urban areas including Sydney and Melbourne, but also a wide area of rural living on the coastline (“The world factbook,” 2013).
With regards to the countries healthcare, they have a system of universal health care. Tax dollars provide a free public healthcare system, known as Medicare, to citizens. Many citizens also subside with private insurance. This includes access to a physician, specialists and care in a public hospital. The staff, including physicians, who are employed by the public health system are paid an hourly wage. Those doctors in the private sector are paid on a fee per service method. Care is regulated and managed by general practitioner as primary healthcare providers with referral to specialists a part of the requirements. The public health system covers access to a primary care physician, specialist with referral, diagnostic testing and hospitalization and surgery in a public hospital setting. Private insurance must be purchased to be treated by a private hospital or for specialist care related to dental and vision. Australia has a pharmaceutical benefits schematic which is key to the success of the Australian universal healthcare system. This public health care plan is provided to citizens so they may have affordable access to medication ("The health care," 2013).
Government, Non-Government, and Business Partnerships and Healthcare in Australia
Many people in Australia live in rural areas thus limiting access to healthcare overall. There is a program in Australia known as the Royal flying Doctor service which enables to get physicians to the more rural areas so people may be treated. This company provides medical and communications to deliver primary healthcare and emergency services to people in rural and remote areas that may otherwise not have access to healthcare. They have partnerships since the early 1900’s with surrounding countries in order to provide care through this organization. It was noted by there from Royal Flying Doctor service that nurses are integral part of the delivery of care. They are able to provide care in clinics that are set up in areas including providing education for...

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