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Australia In Its Regional And Global Contexts!

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1.Describe AusAID and the countries involved?The Australian Government's overseas aid program is a federally funded program that aims to reduce poverty in developing countries. The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) manages the program.International Development, also known as Development Assistance, International Aid, Overseas Aid or Foreign Aid, refers to the efforts of developed Assistance (ODA), which is aid given by the governments through their individual countries, international aid agencies just like AusAID.Australia gives aid because we want to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Two billion have no access to clean water, while 150 million children never get the chance to have an educationAustralia gives aid to other countries because it improves our regional security. Australia helps partner governments improve law and order, prevent and recover from conflict and manage a range of transnational threats such as; people trafficking, illicit drugs, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. By help building stronger communities and more stable governments we improve the Australian economic and security interests.In 2007-2008 Australia will provide $3,155.3 million worth of official development assistance, and of which $2,731.6 million will be managed by AusAID. All Australians contribute to Australia's aid program. Every week each of us put in around $2.40 to pay for our aid program. This amounts to around 1% of Federal Government expenditure compared to the 42% spent of social security and welfare.2.Explain the roles and the importance of the government and non-government organisations in relation to AusAID.AusAID works with non-government orgainsation (NGOs) to maximize the impact and reach of Australian aid. NGOs, like Australian Red Cross and World Vision, have been important partners of the Australian Government delivering overseas aid. The Australian government recognizes the importance of the role of non-government organizations and works with them to deliver around 7% of the aid program.Australian NGOs brings strengths to Australia's aid program. They start public support and voluntary contributions for aid; they often have strong links with community groups in developing countries and often work in areas where government-to-government aid is to possible.All Australian NGOs funded through AusAID undergo a set of rules, this ensures that government funds are channeled through NGOs that have strong community support and are of sufficient size to be able to deliver aid programs overseas.AusAID works partnership with other Australian Federal and State government departments to reduce poverty in the Asian-Pacific region.Many of Australia's neighbours face serious governance or stability problems, these range from virtual state collapse in Solomon Islands to the case of East Timor where there is the will, but not yet the capacity to ensure its newly established government institutions function well.Australia underlines the...

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