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Australia In Its Regional And Global Context Tourism

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Australia's links at a regional levelDomestic tourism is a major contributor to the Australian economy, with domestic day and overnight visitors spending large sums of money on accommodation, food and shopping during their travels. Regional tourism benefits considerably from domestic tourism activity as domestic visitors are more likely to travel to regional Australia than international visitors. This report provides information on domestic tourism activity at a regional level including the collection of expenditure information from domestic day and overnight visitors.Tourism contributes significantly to employment, with 513, 000 persons in tourism-generated employment in 2003-04. This represents 6% of total employed persons. The largest numbers of persons in tourism-generated employment were in retail trade (27%), followed by accommodation (18%), and cafes and restaurants (9%).Culture is portrayed to be a major determinant in the attractiveness of a destination for tourists and may provide and opportunity for small communities, e.g. Aborigines, to develop a strong economic base.Australia's links at a global levelAustralia's cultural links to its region are reflected in the number of Australians travelling overseas and, in turn, the thousands of overseas tourists visiting Australia each year. Australia receives roughly 0.6% of the world's tourists, with tourism being its single largest source of foreign exchange dollars. Tourism contributes 10.5% to the GDP and employs 12% of the Australian workforce. The Asia-Pacific region is Australia's fastest growing source of tourists with significant increases of tourists over the period 2004-2005. These sources include China with an increase of 27%, Hong Kong 13%, and South Korea and Taiwan 10% over the same period. Japan is its single largest tourism market, generating $2.06 billion in revenue in 2004. Tourist numbers from Europe have also increased, predominantly from the United Kingdom but also from Italy, France and Ireland with significant increases. On average, three out of every 5 international tourists visit Australia visit New South Wales, with almost 50% of overseas visitors passing through Sydney Airport. The number of overseas visitors to New South Wales has more than tripled since 1990.Tourism is Australia's fourth largest export industry, exporting $12.8 billion worth of goods and services in 2004-05. International visitors spent an estimated 26.1 million nights in New South Wales in 2003. Outside Sydney, the most popular regions for overseas tourists are the North Coast, Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains/Hawkesbury regions.IMPACTS OF TOURISM ON AUSTRALIAN SOCIETYPositive ImpactsThere are some positive consequences of tourism that can arise only when tourism is practiced and developed in a sustainable and appropriate way. Involving the local population is essential. A community involved in planning and implementation of tourism has a more positive attitude, is more supportive and has a better...

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