Australia In Its Regional + Global Context : Defence Links Rose Bay Secondary College Personal Interest Project

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Australia in its Regional + Global Context: Defence Links

Defence and Countries Involved

Australia’s defence works closely with many other countries to promote the security and stability in the immediate region as well as globally. Australia’s defence forces have contributed to international peacekeeping; whether it be serving in combat or acting as UN and multinational peacekeepers. Australia’s involvement in international peacekeeping dates back to 1947 just when Australia consisted of just four officers, two armies, one navy and one air force .

‘An enduring alliance with the United States (US) remains Australia’s most important defence relationship and continues to act as a crucial force multiplier for Australian Defence Force (ADF) capability’ stated Dr Nathan Church, foreign Affairs, defence and security. Through Australia’s vital alliance with the US; Australia has benefited greatly from having access to intelligence, technology, and to the US military. We also have many long term links with New Zealand, growing ties with Indonesia, japan and the republic of Korea. Australian is not only a leader in global efforts for nonproliferation and disarmament and counter terrorism, but The Australian defences also provides aid and assistance to Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Island countries, helping them maintain stability and protect their security.

The roles of government and non-government organisations in relation to Defence

As Australia has adopted regional and global military ties to enforce our defence in territory and the strategic interest for international peace and stability, it is vital for both government and non government organisations to fund and support Australia’s defence forces. To date, the government funding budget for the Australian defence forces is approximately 34.6 billion AUD. Even though there are many disputes about the excessive spending, Australia’s region and strategic environment has become more complex due to the increase of non-military defence issues such as counter terrorism. There are many external stakeholders, many of which occur with federal, state, and local government; departments such as Foreign Affairs and trade, and department of the Prime Minister and cabinet. Non-government organisations (NGOs) play an important role in relation to defence, due to Australia’s respective involvement as a member of the international community we support NGOs greatly. Australia has a very active humanitarian sector which provides assistance globally, in particular during times of war. Since 1947 Australia has served many peace and security operations around the world with the support for NGOs Australia has helped build peace in many regional and global missions.

The Treaties, Governing Body and/or Agreements Relevant to Defence

Australia has a large number of treatises in defence concerning security, status and most integrally alliances, these are...

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