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Australia In The Vietnam War (1965 1972) “There Was Overwhelming Support For Australia’s Involvement In The Vietnam War (1965 To 1972).” Why Did Australia Become Involved In The War? What Were The Impacts Of The War On Australia? Who Won?

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Australia in the Vietnam War (1965-1972)Throughout history, war has always been regarded as a very significant issue and event, and has proved itself to be exactly such. Not only does it affect the countries directly involved, but it has a widespread impact on countries worldwide, influencing social, political and economical aspects of each nation. This leads to division within society, which can be seen in many areas and aspects of a country, including its government, media, and individuals or groups in the smaller scale of community; with all this division stemming from the support, or lack of, for the war. The Vietnam War, in which Australian troops fought alongside American troops, as well as others, against South Vietnamese troops, and in a sense, against communism itself, is a key example of this. Communism is a political, economical, and social system in which the state is in control of production and distribution of wealth. The idea of this system is that everyone should be provided for equally. At the end of World War II, communism spread through Eastern Europe and Russia, and the world began to change; allegiances were broken, countries were divided, and communities were destroyed. Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War was described as inevitable, and "there was overwhelming support for Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War (1965 to 1972).", however many were against it. The Vietnam War had great impacts on individuals and groups throughout Australian society, and was certainly a war that will never be forgotten.Australia became involved in the Vietnam War because the possibility of the spread of communism from Asia to Australia was beginning to be regarded with increasing significance, as changes in politics began to spread throughout the region. This fear was driven by another fear, of "the domino effect", which entailed the belief that if one nation became one of communism, its neighbours would follow, hence "the domino effect". Some Australians saw this as a threat to Australia's security, and felt that involving Australia in the Vietnam War would prevent such a spread of communism. Another reason why Australia became involved in the Vietnam War was that the Australian government felt that, due to the strong alliances they had with the US, and also because of the strong friendship that the two nations had formed, Australian troops should be sent to South Vietnam to fight in this war in order to assist the US. Due to the military weakness in Australia, it was in their best interest for the US to become committed to Asia and to fight against communism in this country, as Britain began to pull out of its commitments throughout the world, so Australia saw the US as a kind of replacement, as an influential western nation that could step in on Britain's place. Australia encouraged the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War by encouraging them strategically through the Australian government, and also by showing its...

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