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Australia In The Vietnam War Era

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The Cold War was period between 1947 – 1991 causing tension between the East (USSR) and the West (USA). As a result, many events took place during this period affecting numerous countries. Some significant events included: the Korean War (1950-1953), ANZUS treaty (1951) and SEATO (1954).
After the World War finished, Korea was divided into two parts, South Korea and North Korea. The parties of these two countries had different ideologies. South Korea was a capitalist and North Korea was a communist. When North Korea crossed the boundary (38th parallel) and went into the South Korean’s part, the first attack in the Cold War happened.
Australia wanted to have the USA as a military ally as they ...view middle of the document...

Soon, UN forces pushed the communists back to North Korea. Then the capitalists censured People’s Republic of China for aggression.
During the Korean War (1951), Australia formed a treaty to secure a strong relationship with the USA. The ANZUS (Australia – New Zealand – United States) was based on the fear of the communism, further attacks from Japan and the realization of that the USA was interested in securing the Pacific, unlike Britain. On September 1951, Americans signed the treaty and the main idea was: “The parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of anyone of the Parties is threatened in the Pacific”.*
The war continues – by 15th March 1951, South Korea retook Seoul. Then, the American general MacArthur wanted to use nuclear power on Chinese and North Korea’s troops. After that, he was dismissed from a command. None of the countries wanted Nuclear War.
During April and May 1951, China and North Korea, after two times, failed to take Seoul. Subsequent to this invasion, UN and Australia attacked North Korea by air forces (July, 1952). Therefore, the last attack happened in April 1953, when the communists occupy South...

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