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Australia's Balance Of Payments Essay

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•Balance of PaymentsDefinition-the record of the transactions between Australia and the rest of the world during a given period, consisting of the current account and the capital and financial account-it shows the trade and financial flows in an out of the Australian economy-these accounts are complied according to a set of international account standards, which makes it easier to compare Australia’s balance of payments with other countriesStructureCurrent Account-shows the money flow from all exports and imports of goods and services, income and current transfers for a period of one year-covers external transactions that are not reversible-net goods: the difference between what Australia receives for its exports and pays out for its imports-net services: refers to services that are bought and sold without people receiving a good-balance on goods and services: derived by adding net goods and services together-net income: difference between the income flows out of Australia and the income flows into Australia-net current transfers: occur when products or financial resources are provided without a specific good or service being provided in return-balance on current account: addition of the balance on goods and services, net income and net current transfersCapital and Financial Account-concerned with financial assets and liabilities- the money that flows that result from international borrowing, lending and purchases of assets for a period of one year-these transactions are reversible-capital account: consists of 3 main transfers- people migrating into or out of transfers- foreign aid to assist other countries to build up their infrastructure or capital stock3.entries for the purchase and sale of non-produced, non-financial assets- mainly intellectual property rights (patents, copyrights, etc)-financial accounts: shows Australia’s transactions in foreign financial assets and liabilities and come under 5 investment- covers foreign financial transactions to fund new investment in Australia or overseas2.portfolio investment- refers to the buying of land, shares and other marketable securities in existing derivatives- category of complex financial assets that have become increasingly significant in recent years4.other investment- residual category that captures transactions not classified as direct investment, portfolio investment or reserve assets5.reserve assets- refer to those foreign financial assets that are available to and controlled by the central authorities for financing or regulating payment imbalances-balance on capital and financial account: determined by adding the categories together-balance of payments: the accounts added together must equal zeroTrends-Australia has experienced persistently large current account deficits since the mid 1980s-this means we have paid out considerably more for goods and services and other income and transfer payments...

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1790 words - 7 pages merchandise exports followed by The United States and Korea (DFAT, 2003). An outline of the changes in Australia's Direction of trade exports can be seen in the graphs below.Graph 3. Merchandise exports 1951Graph 4. Merchandise exports 2001(Source: DFAT, 2003)3.0 Balance of paymentsAccording to Carbaugh (2004, p.337) the balance of payments is the 'record of the economic transactions between the residents of one country and the rest of the world

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974 words - 4 pages current-account deficit to 2.4% and 2.8% of GDP. Analysts are predicting the deterioration of the current-account deficit could be larger if Australia's competitiveness proves less durable than they have assumed. Fundamentally, speaking the Australian Dollar is on a downhill slide with its highest point being in August of 2001.Economic policyIn a fixed exchange rate administration need to manage the balance of payments it often constitute difficult

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