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Australia's History Of Religious Holidays Essay

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A religion is generally regarded as a set of values and beliefs by which people live their lives both practically and morally; through acknowledgement of some form of higher being or divine power. At the time of European settlement, the Aboriginal people (Australia’s first inhabitants) followed their own religious beliefs in spirits behind the forces of nature. During the 1800’s, European settlers brought their traditional religious values and churches to Australian shores. These included the Church of England (now Anglican), Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Congregations, Lutheran and Baptist churches. Further migration influences contributed to the re-shaping of Australia’s religious affiliations over subsequent decades. The aftermath of World War II brought upon a significant increase in numbers of the Orthodox churches, the establishment of Reformed bodies, growth in the number of Catholics and the creation of ethnic parishes among many other denominations. But more recently, immigration from South-East Asia and the Middle East has enabled the growth of Buddhist and Muslim communities; also increasing the ethnic diversity of Christian denominations. In order to get an idea of different views 26 Australian’s were selected and surveyed; 10 males and 16 females, each placed in age brackets. The inequality in sexes may skew the data slightly, but the effect would be so minor that it is almost unrecognisable.
On the following page we may see that there is a good age
spread of people surveyed.

Australian’s choose not to recognise the religious meaning behind some of the most significant Christian holidays; Christmas and Easter, which when put simply celebrates the birth and resurrection of Christ. While people may still acknowledge the holiday itself, they make no real effort to participate in the religious aspects of the celebration (eg. attending regular mass). The reason behind such a statement will be explored through a detailed survey and the compiled data will be reported on throughout this report. As far as participation goes, many people claim to ‘participate’ in the Christmas and Easter celebrations; but this is the question, are they really? The straightforward answer is no. On Easter time people eat Easter eggs; and at Christmas people give gifts. While this behaviour is a form of participation in a commercialised holiday, it does not fulfil the true meaning for having the holiday in the first place.

First and foremost, Easter is one of the first major Christian calendar holidays of each year and is celebrated on the 12th April. Religiously, Easter is the holiest and oldest Christian festivals celebrated today. It marks the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Christ lived the righteous and perfect life that we, because of our fallen and corrupt nature, simply cannot. He suffered the penalty for our sins by taking our guilt upon himself and dying horribly on the cross. On the first morning of Easter he rose from the...

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