Australia's Change In Tech Over Time

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Defences History "“ Before the Australian colonies federated in 1901, each of them had a small force of regular soldiers and militiamen. Each colony also had a small navy consisting of only 2 or 3 very small boats. In 1902, the new federal government united the small armies of the colonies to form the Commonwealth Military Forces. (Now ARES) In 1903, the government began forming the navies of the colonies in to a single navy, later called the Royal Australian Navy. By 1914, the ships of the RAN included the battle cruiser HMAS Australia, six other cruisers, two submarines and several small craft. In 1909, the government introduced compulsory military training. By 1914, it could form its first large army, the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF), to fight beside British troops in WW1. A total of about 59 000 soldiers of this volunteer force died during the war. In 1916, the government sent a group of Australian set up No 1 Squadron of the Australian Flying Corp. In 1916 to 18, this squadron fought against Turkish forces in Palestine. Three other squadrons of the Australian Flying Corps served in France with the Royal Flying Corps during the war.After WW1 the government disbanded the AIF. But soon after the war had ended, the government re-established compulsory military training in the Commonwealth Military Forces. The government disbanded the AFC, but replaced it with a temporary force, the Australian Aviation Corps, which the army controlled. In 1921, the government established the RAAF as a separate arm of the services. The government retained the RAN, but reduced its size to eight ships. During the 1930's in the great depression meant that the government could not afford to house a large army and the army fell to as low as 2 000 men. On September 3 1939 the Prime Minister, Robert Gordon Menzies announced that Australia was at war with Germany, recruiting began immediately for the second AIF. In January 1940 the first soldiers left Australia led by Lieutenant "“ General Sir Thomas Blamey. Australian troops fought in the campaign in Northern Africa during 1940 and 41. They helped to repulse an Italian attack on Egypt, and to capture Tobruk and Bengasi I the Italian colony of Libya.In December 1941 Japan captured Singapore taking some 15 000 Australians prisoners. In January 1942 Japan invaded New Guinea and began to move over the Owen-Stanley Mountains by way of the Kokoda Trail towards Port Moresby. Japanese bombers stuck Darwin and other northern Australian towns. Midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour. The Australian government was so scared of an invasion at this time the government ordered that there was to be a military plan drawn up. Sir Iven Mackay drew up the plan for the government as the most practical way of using the country's limited armed forces. It provided that the Australian army would hold a base line drawn from Brisbane to Adelaide against an invading army, It became know as the Brisbane Line. What saved this line...

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