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Australia's Involvement In World War I

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Why Australians were sent to fight at Gallipoli?Australia went to war because we were part of the British Empire. There was enormous enthusiasm. Most Australians in 1914 were of a British descent and many still referred to Britain as the ‘motherland’. They stated that they were willing to fight for ‘king and country’.On 28th June 1914, the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated. This started a war between the two alliances Triple Entente VS Triple Alliance. British have joined with Russia and France in an alliance called the Triple Entente, while Germany was linked with Austria-Hungary and Italy in the Triple Alliance.Australians are well ...view middle of the document...

Troops dug makeshift trenches and shelters and basic living conditions were very difficult. Lack of water, swarms of flies, lice, no clean change of clothes, poor food and sicknesses such as dysentery weakened the men.They had no covers or tents when it was raining during the night. You couldn’t clean your clothes in fresh water, only seawater. During the fighting, the Anzacs had no breaks. Supply ships brought in water from Egypt, but there was never enough.Whether conditions at Gallipoli were terribly hot during the mid-year. Soldiers had to suffer plagues of disease-carrying flies and fleas. By October, soldiers were beginning to experience the bitter cold.The living condition on Gallipoli was a living hell. The Turks outnumbered the Anzacs and had the higher ground. They also had stronger and better-resourced trenches while the Anzacs had trenches that were filled with corpse, rainwater, vomit, dysentery and rats eating the corps. Wounded men lay for hours awaiting medical attention.The task was difficult because the men mainly had to lie on the stomachs, using the entrenching tool without its handle. Standing up to dig normally would have made them easy...

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