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This ad advertises the risks and responsibilities of becoming an army officer, it is trying to ask the audience a rhetorical question, thus making the hook more intriguing. It is advertising the importance and seriousness of becoming an army leader. The Australian defence force had created this ad in a series of ads with others including, becoming a naval officer and a commando officer. The campaign was directed at the 18-25 year area, as this is the most common group to be influenced by others views.
Visual techniques that have been used include the use of the setting, which is in a dilapidated town and looks like a rescue mission with the stretcher and the practice dummy on it. It is set in a controlled environment until it takes a turn for the ‘are you ready’ question and the setting changes to a battlefield in the same town with enemy fire. The target audience of the ad was positioned in the seat of answering the question that the narrator was giving to them, even though this was a quite clearly a rhetorical question. This is directed at the attention part of the AIDA system, as this really gets you thinking about ‘are you ready?’
The aural techniques were used quite well as the narrator had spoken with a clear voice, reinforcing the fact that it was no grey area, it was very black and white and no in between. The words spoken by the narrator were very straight forward with the idea of, ‘will you be ready’. The slogan at the end was spoken slowly and this was to emphasise the point ‘challenge yourself’. This technique used the strategies of AIDA in a specific way...

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