Australian Casino Industry And Competitive Analysis

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Executive SummaryThe purpose of this report was to gain a better understanding of the Casino Industry. It identifies the many contextual and diverse factors that influence this particular part of the gambling industry in terms of the type of customers they attract, how it is shaped by government policies, the impact of suppliers and buyers of the market, competitive rivalry, and organisational generic strategies.The Five Forces model revealed a highly dominated industry by two major competitors. Incumbents are forced to find new ways of improving their products and services but at the same time maintain high levels of efficiency. Rivals have been forced to accept takeovers and mergers so as to remain a player in the industry. New entrants are forced to enter the industry with high capital investment or accept cost disadvantages. Government policies also control a tightly regulated market.Tabcorp are the market leaders with ownership of five casinos across the nation and high stakes in wagering and gaming. They have chosen a differentiation strategy by offering a variety of products with medium levels of service. PBL on the other hand, who owns Crown and Burswood Casino, has taken this same generic strategy but offer premium levels of products and services. They are currently positioned as market challengers.Owing to a number of environmental trends such as government regulation, rises in problem gambling, slow industry growth and intense domination by key players, there are certain factors which have enabled the market challenger, Crown Casino to sustain their competitive advantage. This has involved activities such as assessing alternative ways to deal with competition and the flux of online casino gaming, corporate restructuring and brand building.iTable of ContentsExecutive Summary1.0 Background.........................................................................22.0 Industry Structure Analysis - Five Forces Model2.1 Entry Barriers...............................................................32.1.1 Economies of Scale2.1.2 Capital Requirements2.1.3 Government Policy2.2 Determinants of Supplier Power............................................52.2.1 Manufacturers2.2.2 Government2.4 Availability of Substitutes...................................................62.4 Determinants of Buyers.......................................................72.4.1 Local Market2.4.2 Overseas Market2.5 Intensity of Rivalry..............................................................7Table 1: Kotler's Market Positioning...................................................93.0 Environmental-Trend Analysis3.1 Legal/Political3.2 Economical3.3 Socio-Cultural3.4 Globalisation3.5 Technological4.0 Generic Strategies4.1 Crown CasinoTable 2: Crown Casino Value Chain4.2 Tabcorp5.0 Recommendations5.1 Alternatives to compete with On-line Gaming/Rivals5.2 Corporate Restructuring5.3 Brand Building6.0 References1.0 BackgroundThe Casino Gaming Industry is made up of a number of...

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