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Australian Customers And Online Shopping Essay

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1.2 Executive Summary

The Australian customers have a big appetite for the online shopping and the use of e-commerce website in Australia is increasing every year.

The Perspective Private Limited is successfully providing Data Analysis & Recommendation System Services for the past five years to the e-commerce websites and has proven to enhance the customers recommendation system by obtaining competitive advantage in the e-commerce market.

Our client is an e-commerce company for selling books, e-books, Audiobooks, journals and DVD’S. With increasing number of successful players in the e–commerce market like, the company wants to benchmark it’s ...view middle of the document...

2 Project Team and Responsibility

o Project Manager

• Competent and has better understanding of Information & Communication Technology.
• Establishes project plan, scheduling, kick off meetings and monitoring the project.
• Analyses the project progression and helps in improvisation
• Makes an appropriate use of given budget.
• Tracking the project and reports the project status to clients.
• Successfully delivering the project.

o Computer System Consultant

• Liaising extensively with project manager and clients.
• Abreast of technical and industry growth.
• Able to derive choices for potential solutions.
• Communicates and supervises the programmers and make sure technical compatibility.

o IT Manager

• Communicates directly with the project manager and computer system consultant.
• Allocates Resource such that employing staff for a project.
• Monitors Operational requirements and data management.

o Website Administrator

• Configures Web Server and look up the log files to enhances the website.
• Examines traffic through Website.
• Revise Website.

o IT Technicians

• Testing and Configuring of Hardware, Software and Networks.
• Oversees Security issues.
• Documents day-to-day process and reports to the IT managers.

o Usability Inspection Team

• The Evaluators checks the user interface.
• Checks for any flaw in the new systems.

o System Testers

3 Introduction

3.1 Background is the online bookstore based in Sydney with a huge warehouse of books. The majority of its customers are Australian based universities, students, private library and various other individuals. It provides the users with books of various genre, e-books, journals, audiobook and DVD’s.

3.2 Issues and Priorities

The is concerned in improvising it recommendation systems. It wants the website to be more informative and guiding to the user. The existing website displays all the products which are in stock but does not recommend the user about the best selling books, books which are in offers and had only review given by the user. With the implementation of the new recommendation systems the customers are given information about the best selling books and latest offers on books.

4 Project Objectives

In an online shopping website its important that the users keep using the website repeatedly for his/her purchases and the website also ensures that the items consumed by the customer increases. A precise recommendation system ensures an easy product selection and purchases for the user.

5 Project Deliverables and beneficiaries

o Deliverables

This project aims to implement recommendation system in web system and increase the conversion rate of user’s buying more products. This project will be delivered in 3 phases.

Phase 1:
• Study the existing log system of
• Analyze the behavior of user
• Plan for implementation of recommendation system

Phase 2:

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